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B&O PLAY Beoplay Form 2i On-Ear Headphone with Mic - White

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B&O PLAY Beoplay Form 2i On-Ear Headphone with Mic - White

  • Sleek & Ultralight at just 90g

  • Semi-open design for environmental awareness

  • Design classic since 1985

  • Featured in the permanent collect at MoMA New York



These newly introduced B&O play Form2i headphones are one of the world's longest living headphones on the market. Form 2, is now updated and relaunched with new features including a microphone, 3-button remote and improved comfort, as well as a new name, Form 2i.

The good news is that B&O has kept to its iconic design, as they should, considering that the original design has managed to make its way into the Museum of Modern Art in New York as a permanent display. However B&O has updated some of its features and has included a 3-button remote as well as improving upon its comfort, and offering it in a variety of colours, ranging from Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, and Grey. As you can see, the Form 2i is a pair of on-ear headphones, meaning that they sit on your ears as opposed to cupping them. Given that the headphones weigh only 90grams and feature improved foam ear pads, this should not provide much discomfort, if any at all. You certainly get get a piece of audio equipment you can use comfortably for extended periods of time.

B&O is also boasting that the Form 2i headphones will not feature any audio tweaks, such as emphasizing on the treble or the bass, as some headphone manufacturers are prone to do in order to cater to particular genre of music. This means that the music you listen to will be as the way it has been recorded and mixed, although it should be noted that to get the best possible quality sound, the source needs to be of good quality and regular MP3 rips will probably be a waste.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour White
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Type Headphone
Style/Type On-Ear (supraaural)
Features Microphone, Volume Control for Apple
Driver Configuration 1-Driver (Dynamic)
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Cable Style Wired (for 3.5mm devices)
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