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Connector Retermination Service by TREOO

Connector Retermination Service by TREOO

  • Fix damaged 2-Pin, MMCX pin connectors, or 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 6.35mm jack connectors

  • Change connector terminations on your old cable to fit your new IEM

  • Solve intermittent sound issues when the wire around the jack is adjusted

  • Upgrade your existing stock earphone/headphone connector

  • Shorten headphone cable to desired length or replace stock connector

  • Various choice of Professional Grade connectors

  • High-quality Oyaide SS-47 Silver Solder used for optimal signal quality

  • Free assessment service if fault cannot be determined (Cable will be opened up to check internal wiring)

Please contact us at if your desired connector is not listed.


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When will you need to replace your earphone or headphone plug/connector?

  • Preference for right angle / straight jack connector
  • Headphone cable too long / comes with 6.35mm (1/4") connector
  • Connector is not compatible with your new IEM
  • Music cuts out on one or both sides, and comes back when the wire around the plug/connector is adjusted
  • Exposing internal wires near the plug/connector
  • Corroded plug/connector causing intermittent sound
  • Your toddler cut off the plug/connector jacks
Terms and conditions
  1. We are not responsible for the pre-existing damage on your earphones
  2. We will ensure that the connector/plug is professional soldered back onto the wire and will test for functionally and will inform you if the drivers is faulty
  3. In the event that the earphone/headphone is still experiencing a lack of sound after retermination, it is likely the driver is faulty and not the plug/connector and we will not be held responsible for the pre-existing status of your driver

How to send your broken earphones for repair.

  1. Walk in to drop off at our office
  2. Select to have our in-house courier pickup from you
  3. Send it by registered mail/courier
Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Warranty Not applicable
Estimated lead time 1~3 Working Days
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