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Etymotic Research ER-4S (Stereo) MicroPro In-Ear Earphone

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Etymotic Research ER-4S (Stereo) MicroPro In-Ear Earphone

- Transparent, reference-quality sound
- For audiophiles, performing musicians and recording engineers
- For mixing, monitoring and critical listening
- Accurate real-ear response
Exquisitely neutral, with pristine and well extended high frequencies
- Ear canal headphones provide the best isolation of any can
- Wide variety of tips ensure you'll find a good fit
- Surprisingly durable with replaceable filters for long use life



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The ER-4S MicroPro noise-blocking earphones from Etymotic Research offer realistic sound reproduction and noise isolation that far surpasses that of active noise-canceling earphones. The ER-4S earphones--which require no batteries--can be plugged into any audio source. They can be used with portable CD, MP3, DVD, and other players without an additional amplifier.

The ER-4S earphones were designed to match the response of the ear, creating nearly perfect sound reproduction. They reduce external sound naturally by sealing your ear canals, without the added weight, bulk, or external power supply required for active noise-canceling. Their external noise exclusion (up to 33 dB using the supplied 3-flange eartips and 41 dB with foam eartips) lets you hear the full dynamic range of recordings without your having to play them at unnaturally high and unsafe levels.

ER-4S (Stereo) earphones were designed to compensate for the high frequency emphasis in all CD recordings, in order to provide accurate sound reproduction. Performing musicians often use them as in-ear monitors because the response of the ER-4S matches the response of most typical monitor loudspeakers. The high accuracy and exceptional sound isolation of the ER-4S have made these earphones popular with musicians, recording engineers and audiophiles. ER-4S earphones can be used with a headphone amplifier when using low power portable devices.

Noise reduction with ER-4 MicroPro earphones occurs naturally from the inserts. Other earphones with active noise-cancelling add circuit noise and require bulky batteries.

In-the-ear, high fidelity transducers combine flat frequency response with isolation from external noise.

The white 3-flange eartips provide 35 dB average external noise isolation. Foam eartips provide 41 dB average external noise isolation. Lowering surrounding noise allows the listener to hear the full dynamic range of recordings at lower reproduction levels.

ER-4 MicroPro earphones are ideal for a variety of consumer uses such as personal CD and DVD players, MP3 players, and computers. Professional uses include mixing and stage monitoring in the studio and during live performance.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Type Earphone
Style/Type Universal In-Ear
Driver Configuration 1-Driver (Balanced Armature)
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Cable Style Detachable (Customisable, IM, E/LS, others)
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