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FiiO E07K ANDES Portable Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC

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FiiO E07K ANDES Portable Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC

  • USB audio decoding and output for PC, functioning as a high quality external USB soundcard* 

  • Texas Instruments PCM2706 serves as USB receiver. 

  • For better sound quality, a Wolfson WM8740 serves as digital-to-analog convertor (DAC), pairing with a high performance operational amplifier from ADI for the DAC circuit 

  • Build-in headphone amplifier utilizing AD8692 and Texas Instruments; TPA6130A as pre- and power-amp for high performance, good resolution, low distortion, and powerful output 

  • Standard 3.5mm stereo line-in jack for portable amplification with conventional audio source 

  • Dual 3.5mm headphone output jack. 

  • Convenient design makes it easy to share music between two listeners

    - Full standard package
    - Full 1 year warranty
    - Physical condition: 9/10
    - Working condition: 10/10



ANDES (E07K) is the updated version of E7.It can bring you to experience the high quality acoustics playback. Lossless music format (96 KHz/24 Bit) contains details that ordinary CD (44.1 KHz/16 Bit) does not embody.

On the basis of former E7, ANDES (E07K) added some functions which include "right & left channel balance settings”, “bass and treble adjustment”, “line output”, “gain selection" and "hold key"

Double using environments--indoors and outdoors make using become very convenient.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents
  • FiiO E07K amplifier & USB DAC
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect cable
  • USB cable
  • Silicone case
  • Soft carrying case
  • User manual
Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Type Amplifier (Headphone), DAC (Digital-Analog Converter)
Style/Type Portable
Features Line-in
Sampling / Bitrate 96KHz/24Bit
Frequency Response (Hz) 20 Hz~20 kHz
Impedance (Ω) <0.3 Ω
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) >108 dB (AUX IN)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.005% (1 kHz)
Output Power >220 mW (32 Ω/THD+N<1%)
Battery Life (hrs) >20 h
Input Connectivity 3.5mm stereo, mini-USB
Output Connectivity 3.5mm stereo
User Reviews

Customer Reviews 12 item(s)

Great Entry Audiophile Amp
FiiO E7 comes in a very great package. Dont look cheap neither makes you feel like those cheap quality China product. This definitely comes with very good quality when you compare to many of those China products out there. It comes with a velvet pouch for carrying your E7 device. As well as a silicon case to protect it from being scratch. A rubberband like thing for you to tie up your mp3 player with the amp while on the move. And a pretty high quality 3.5mm - 3.5mm cable for you to hook up your device. When compare the cables that were included in E5, you can immediately see the difference in the cable quality physically. It's pretty thick and well shielded as well as a pretty good quality USB cable that have ferrites on both ends of the cable which is suppose to help boost and make your signal more stable. The front of the device is mirror like which is really reflective and can be act as a mirror when you wish to. The overall build is sturdy in a metal casing while the front panel is plastic. But they dont really look like plastic. Dont seems easily being scratch if you take care of them well. This is why they have include you with the velvet case and the slicon case. So make sure you make good use of them to keep it in tip top condition.

Sound quality
I have tested this with quite a number of IEMs. In most cases you can immediately hear the difference between amped and unamp. Overall I find that this is a pretty warm amp. It makes the highs in your music sounded more smooth and refine, While the mids gets warmer with more body in the sound. And bass sounded deeper too. It also give you a better overall soundstage. Make you hear better where those instruments are coming from and where they are being positioned. Of course with all these said, you will need a pair of decent good cans in order to get such quality. One of the better configuration I have tried is using FiiO L3 cable to hook up iPhone 4 to the FiiO E7 line in and the IEM being use is FA DBA-02. They works very well together and the sound overall is just amazing. Althou DBA-02 is not hard to drive and already sounded as good as it is when connected directly to the iPhone 4, but E7 just took it one step up. I have also compared E7 to E5. While E5 is a great product for it's asking price, but there is definitely sound quality difference between the 2. E5 is a great performer and does it's job well. But E7 just improve every small little things a little further.

This little portable amp comes with some EQ settings just like E5 did. But there is slightly more configuration. You have settings from 0 - 3. While 0 being neutral, setting from 1 onwards will give you more bass all the way up to 3. I personally prefer neutral sound as I am never a basshead. So I hardly like to use any EQ settings in any device. But E7 make me change this. The EQ works very well in the sense of making your sound warmer, richer and more wider soundstage without distorting the music and keep the sound signature intact. This is what that actualy amaze me. It's a very good feature if you happen to have any cans that you felt lacking in bass, the EQ will definitely change everything. This little amp is also a DAC by itself which you can hook up with the included USB cable. I have tried hooking this thing up with my Alienware M11x, to be honestly I am really astonish by the quality of the DAC compared to my default headphone out jacks. This is a great compliment when you play games, watch movies or even simply listen to sound samples from your laptop. The only drawback is unfortunately this is the only way you can utilize the DAC at this point of time which is a shame. Since there is no line out on the E7. And if I am not wrong using line in on this device will only allow you to access the amp portion. Hope that in future they can release some firmware upgrade to enable the use of DAC in other ways. Hooking up this device to your computer is painless too as you do not need any special drivers installation to get it to work. Windows will simply install the device by itself without any user interaction. The battery performance on this device is just out of the world. Allow you to use it in battery mode as a headphone amp without charging for almost the entire week. I dont think I can think of another portable amp out there right now that can last this long on battery power. This is really one great strong point about E7.

For those who are looking one step up in the world of sound. This is really a great amp to own. Of course this is not the best out there. We can easily find another portable amp that perform better than this one. But with the asking price for a DAC/Amp with such performance is quite unbeatable. You probably need to pay 2-3 times more just to get something better. So in terms of price performance ratio, this is a really great amp. If you are an enthu audiophile, I wouldnt recommend you this and also being an enthu audiophile you wouldnt mind spending 2-3 times extra just to get something that sound great to you. But for those who are new or just entering the world of audiophile. Or on budget yet looking for some thing that can improve your current listening pleasure. This is one product you should be looking out for. I highly recommend the purchase.
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Jordan Seet / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Best combination for sound hearing
Using the E7 head-amp was a good experience, but if you need more linearity in the sound spectrum you need to switch on to E7. My hobby always was hearing music with high end discrete components such as Yamaha, pioneer and marantz. When I switched to portability, I am now enjoying more from my hobby.
My current setup is Cowon S9 32GB, FiiO-E7 and Copper Miles Davis earphones. With this combination and the Cowon S9 features like the BBE+ one can be assured that the sound is heard with great detail.
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by GsusDavid / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
great amp without breaking the bank
everything about the amp was great. everything detail are so clear and concise.
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Isaac / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Good DAC & AMP
I use E7 with below setup:
- E7 as DAC of my laptop, with Senheisser HD439.
- E7 as Amplifier for PSP, with Sennheiser HD439

I am not audiophile person, but I can clearly notice the improvement, especially the volume, bass, and detail. Now I can hear more background voices or sounds.

Overall E7 is a good product with great price!
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Tjhin Heryanto / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Great and small
Great little box, feels well built, sounds amazing, and fantastic price. iPhone never sounded so good.

Paired with Denon AH-D5000 this little amp brings out all the details you never heard.

Great little setup!
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Matt / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Bang for Buck!
The great guys at was quick in processing my pre-order and was ready for the collection a few days later.

I've read some great reviews for the older sibling (E7) and was really looking forward to the arrival of this "facelift" version E07K.

When I received the E07K and tried it with a Grado SR80, I was blown away by the initial sound that came thru.

Didnt know what was I missing until now. The music is now much more "alive" and the soundstage improves a lot compared to direct earphone output from ipod/iphone. Bass is lot more convincing compared to the half punch effort coming out directly from the ipod.

I'm not an audiophile, but I really enjoy the clarity and bass of my music collection, makes me want to revisit my entire music collection.

Now I look forward after work to chill out at the sofa with my simple setup of ipod6G + E07K + Grado SR80.

I also ordered the L9 cable from so that i get a clean line out from ipod into E07K

Tried the E07K with PC & MAC, no issues, you just need to toggle the OS to use the E07K as output device.

1. Sound (based a normal dude's opinion)
- Improved clarity and soundstage
- Bass is more punchy and controlled

2. Physical attributes
- Solid build (for long term durability).
- Size is just like a deck of cards - perfect when paired back to back against an ipod (Fiio provided 2 silicon bands).
- Comes with a silicon case - prevents scratches on both the E07K & your audio player, provides grip and wont slip easily.
- USB & Analog input port at the bottom - so that it works well with the Fiio 30pin L9 connector at the bottom of the ipod and will not interfere with your headphones wires coming out from the top.
- Dual Headphone jacks, for sharing with friends & also serves as a "spare" jack if one is damaged after warranty period.
- Hold Switch to prevent unintentional button presses & it turns the screen off as soon as u flick the switch
- OLED display - let you know the status (battery level, USB/Analog mode/bass/treble level).

3. functional attributes:
- Digital Volume
*60 steps, good enough for most users.
*"Hold" function to prevent accidental key press which increase the volume to defening levels (not sure if analog volume can do the same)
*Wont have crackle noise like analog knobs due to oxidation.
*User defined setting to "remember" last used volume before the unit was turned off. I have disable this function so that each time the unit is turned on, the volume goes back to safe level of 20 (max 60).
- Bass boost/reduction - I set the bass boost level by 2 out off 10 to attain a nice punch without getting too boomy on my SR80.
- Treble boost/reduction - for those slightly brighter CANS, user may soften it with 1 step in reduction.
- Balance for L/R channel - for adjusting some older CANS where the volume ouput is a bit off on either side.
- Sleep timer (90min max) (I hope Fiio will implement a auto-shut off feature after 10mins if no audio coming from analog source)

4. Very Practical & Useful Settings:
- Memory volume
- USB charging on/off
- User definable Max volume
- Display timeout (prevent screen burn)

5. Expandable option
- Should you require more amp power, you can still pair the E07K with the high powered E09K.

6. Battery Life
- Very useful battery life of over 20hours - would last about 1 whole week if listen to 3 hours a day.

7. Accessories: Silicon case, Mini USB to USB Cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, 2 screen protectors, soft pouch.

None so far

- To improve battery life, just hope that there is an auto-shut off feature when the unit detects no audio from analog source for 10mins. At least a built in option for users to decide if they wish to enable this feature or not.
- Support for Direct USB Audio using the new Apple Lightning connector for iPhone 5 or newer Apple devices.

For sure there are better amp/dac out there which are 3 to 4 times more expensive, not sure if they would sound 3-4 times better?? Thus at this price point, I couldnt ask for more. Overall, the E07K has delivered a very repectable audio quality at a very affordable price. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for an affordable DAC/AMP without burning a hole in their pocket. Even the pros can consider getting this for their travelling needs, at least if *touchwood* lost/damanged, wont be so "heart pain" ;-)
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by biomed / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Great combi with E09k audiophile on a budget
Great price and powerful performance and I say the gain option blew me away. Also, the battery life is much better than the previous model. A true value for money product especially if you get it at a discount if you purchase it with FiiO E09K.
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Mark / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Value for money, great build quality! I highly recommend it.
I was blown away with the items that is included in the package. The design is sleek and it is close to a perfect Amplifier without burning a hole in your pocket. I would strongly recommend this Amp to novice like me. :)

If you want value for money and without compromising the quality, this is the Amp you should go for!
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Great DAC
Great DAC, slight noise noticed if pair up with a very sensitive IEM. Overall a very good & small DAC from FIIO.
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by joshua / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
Highly Portable Amp with Great Design
This amplifier is made of aluminium casing so when you first place it in your hands, you would not expect how light it is. Amplification wise is quite good coming from such a small package. The best part is it has 2 x headphone outputs so that you can connect 2 headphones at the same time. To me, this feature is quite useful for comparing headphones.

What I really like about the E07K is the DAC feature. I connect this to my PC with one end linked to my guitar amp. Comparing both with and without the DAC, the sound coming out from the guitar amp is so much different. With the DAC, music is much more detailed and certain buzz and hiss you usually hear without a DAC is totally eliminated.
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by David / (Posted on 13/04/2015)
Awesome DAC/AMP for it's price!
Was looking for a amp for my gaming devices and was recommended the E07K. Bought it and really enjoyed it! Now i'm using it for my tablet for movie watching and also my PC for music/gaming as well! Well worth it's price!
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Km / (Posted on 13/04/2015)
Value for money portable AMP/DAC
An excellent introductory portable AMP/DAC that can last you! You will be hard press to find another portable AMP/DAC at this quality and price range. As a hobbyist musician of over a decade, the E07K definitely punch above it's price point!
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Alan / (Posted on 13/04/2015)