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Sony XBA-3IP In-Ear Earphone with Mic

- Triple Balanced Armature driver array (mid-range + woofer + tweeter) for superior audio
- Bright & detailed high frequency, powerful bass & clear vocal sound
- In-line control of volume & tracks
- Microphone for hands-free phone calls
- iPhone/iPod/iPad compatibility
- Dual layer housing ultra-smooth frequency response
- Hybrid Silicone Earbuds: 4 Sizes
- Noise isolation earbuds
- Supports iPhone/iPod VoiceOver functionality*
- Works with iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod classic 120GB & 160GB (2009), iPad nano 4th, 5th, & 6th generation, iPod shuffle 3rd & 4th generation, and iPod touch 2nd, 3rd, & 4th generation
- Optimized housing design for ultimate wearing comfort

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Product Description


Balanced Armature in-ear headphones with full range driver, woofer and tweeter tremendously broaden the spectrum of sound. Conveniently control an iPod®, iPad® or iPhone® with the in-line remote and built-in mic. Put on Sony’s XBA-3iP headphones with in-line remote and be impressed by the rich sound reproduction. Fitted with ‘Made in Japan’ Triple Balanced Armature Drivers with Woofer and Tweeter units, it delivers bright and detailed high frequency with powerful bass and clear profound vocal sound.

Full spectrum of sound
Sporting three specialized Sony Balanced Armature driver units—a full-range driver, woofer and tweeter—slip into a dramatic, full-bodied soundscape of sublimely soaring highs and profound lows. Engineered especially for audiophiles and music lovers alike, rediscover every note of your favorite songs delivered with remarkable balance, richness and clarity. Plus, a convenient in-line remote with built-in mic means you can control your compatible iPhone®, iPod® or iPad® for easy listening and hands-free calls.

Sensational Sound
Designed for discerning audiophiles, XBA Series in-ear headphones are outfitted with Sony's newly developed Balanced Armature driver units engineered for crisp, balanced sound of incredible depth and precision. Infused with premium audio technology, even the most subtle musical nuances are delivered with tremendous clarity and detail.

Balanced Armature Drivers
Sporting three Balanced Armature drivers (full range, woofer and tweeter), these XBA-3iP in-ear headphones deliver a full-bodied spectrum of sound rounded out by perky highs and profound lows. Meticulously pre-tuned by Sony engineers, these micro-sized drivers reproduce a balanced high to low frequency response, and even emphasize key sound characteristics to enhance your music.

Hands-free Calls and Easy Control
Take, make or end phone calls—or skip to the next track of your playlist—using the in-line remote with built-in mic. With full integration for your iPhone, iPod and iPad, controlling your music is a breeze. Activate the VoiceOver mode with the simple press of a button, and your iPod will even tell you what song you're listening to (enabled devices only). 

Double Layer Housing
A specially made inner housing constructed of high strength magnesium holds the driver units rigidly in place for super smooth frequency response. Enclosed in an ABS outer housing that suppresses unwanted vibrations, this innovative double layer design delivers crystal-clear mid to high range sound and overall crisp, rich audio.

Long Lasting Comfort
Because Balanced Armature drivers sport an ultra compact design for a smaller overall form factor, they slip easily inside the ear for a snug, more natural-feeling fit. The result? Reduced ambient noise and long lasting comfort and wearability—even after hours of non-stop listening.

Noise Blocking Design
Lock in the sounds of your favorite songs, and block out disruptive background noise. Because Sony XBA Series in-ear headphones boast a noise-blocking design and a snug, comfortable fit, they prevent sound leakage—both in and out of the ear—so you can enjoy your music without annoying your neighbor, and get lost in a distraction-free listening experience.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Technical Specifications

Driver Unit : Closed, Triple Balanced Armature
Headphone Type : Vertical in-the-ear style earbuds
Frequency Response : 4 - 28,000 Hz
Impedance : 12 ohms at 1 kHz
Sensitivity (db) : 108 dB/mW
Power Handling Capacity : 100 mW (IEC)
Cord : 47 1/4 in. (1.2 m), OFC Litz cord neck-chain
Microphone : Electret Condenser
Microphone Input : Omni Directional, In-Line Microphone
Plug : Four-conductor gold-plated stereo mini plug for iPod with remote function
Weight (Approx.) : 7 g (0.25 oz) without cord

Package Contents

Sony XBA-3IP In-Ear Earphone with Mic
Hybrid Silicone Earbuds - SS (2), S (2), M (2), L (2)
Noise Isolation Earbuds - S (2), M (2), L (2)
Cord Adjuster
Carrying Case
Operating Instructions
Warranty Card

Web Reviews
"What’s immediately impressive about the XBA-3iP is the amount of sound and hardware they fit into what are, in truth, extremely diminutive earbuds. Often in earbuds, lush, rich and clear sound is synonymous with earbuds that look like someone has hammered toy robots into your ear canal, but the XBA-3iPs manage to keep a low profile.

In reviewing the XBA-3iPs, we came to love these earbud’s midrange clarity. In listening to multiple dense mixes, what we discovered over and over again was that the XBA-3iP allowed us to easily distinguish the sound of instruments that might otherwise be blurred together on an inferior earbud. Since this is the quality I tend to value most in an earbud, I really liked a lot of what the XBA-3iP did for sound.

Also impressive is the XBA-3iP’s high frequency response, which I thought made symphony classical sound particularly good..."

Quoted from review by John Brownlee

"Of course, the million dollar question for any pair of headphones is: How do they sound? I’m notoriously picky about headphone sound quality. The sight of the basic buds that came with an iPhone or iPod makes me cringe, and when I see someone in public wearing Skullcandy headphones I feel slapping them off their head. So when I say that I’m happy with the sound from the XBA-3iPs, understand that I’m not easy to please. The tone is relatively even, without too much enhanced bass or high-end. Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of kick in a song that demands it.
My general real-world impressions of the XBA-3iPs are quite positive; I have no problem recommending them if you’re not the frugal type. Even if the sound quality doesn’t quite match the other headphones in its price range, it’s quite a cut above all those sub-£100 products on the rack at your local big-box electronics store. Sony earns bonus points for a comfortable fit, super-thin cord, and high style, which makes the high price tag a little easier to swallow.

Quoted from review by Jason Cross

"The sound is most important and it is high fidelity, well-balanced, and very rich with fine detail, absolutely clear and clean. There is not even a hint of muddiness and or pulsating bass to the exclusion of all nuance. For in-ear headphones, the sound stage is excellent. These are simply wonderful for listening to opera or any music with vocals. They also are better at blocking noise than any of my other in-ear headphones and are even as good as most of my on-ear and over-ear models.

If there is any caution about the quality of the sound, it is that they will also reproduce any flaws evident in the audio file or even from the original recording and production. Since they are designed to be used with Apple portable devices, you will likely encounter some music or movies that simply don't sound so good on close listening. In one Rock `n' Roll song I listened to, the singer's voice seemed to be coming from far off to the left and right at the same time. At first, I thought it was a problem with the earphones but it is inherent to the recording and I had simply never noticed it before.

I am very much impressed with the Sony XBA-3iP earphones in every aspect. They are evidence that Sony still deserves its long-standing reputation for top-quality electronics."

Quoted from user review by Margaret Picky

Features In-line Mic for Apple iPhone
Warranty 1 year (local)
Colour Black


Lovin' the Sony XBA-3!Review by kenji499
Lows (Bass)
Highs (Treble)
Performance vs. Price
Build Quality
I have quickly become a fan of the mids on these earphones. Very accurate and detailed.. Bass has solid impact and isn't bloated..

My favourite in the XBA line-up, to my ears, it sounds the most 'balanced' of the bunch and I'm one who prefers 'neutral' sounding earphones/headphones.

(Posted on 05/04/2013)

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