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van den Hul The D-102 III HYBRID RCA to RCA Cable

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  • The 2 centre conductors are made of 40 dense and very pure silver coated strands made of a very high grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC. Over each centre conductor an extra Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) saturated layer is applied. This extra layer of LSC highly improves the quality of the signal transmission by performing electrical bridging on micro-scale and by converting the external magnetic field close to the conductors into an electrical signal again.

  • 4 strands of 3T have been applied into the design. 3T: True Transmission Technology offers a much higher resolution and detail compared to any other metal technology used so far.

  • The resistance of each centre conductor is 5.5 Ohm/100 meter.

  • The capacitance between the 2 internal conductors is a very low 37 pF/meter; so in balanced operation, even in rather high impedant circuitry, the overall losses and/or phase-shift remain very low.

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Product Description


With our ever continuing technical improvements, it is logical to replace the already since 1982 available D - 102 Series (after 24 upgrades in the meantime) by an actual HYBRID version. Together with our Linear Structured Carbon ® technology, we have therefore applied some number of strands from our highly acclaimed 3T-technology into the new D-102 III Hybrid.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Technical Specifications

Material: Hybrid
Cable Type: Triple Screened Twin Core (Balanced)
Conductor Material: HYBRID: High Purity Dense Silver Coated, High Purity Matched Crystal OFC + Linear Structured Carbon® Saturated Layer(s) / 3T: True Transmission Technology
Design Purpose: Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Interconnect
EFF Conductor: Cores: 0.31 mm² / Cores: ~AWG 22 / Cores: 40; Screen: 180
External Diameter: 7.25mm
Jacket Colors: Yellow-orange
Resistance: Cores: 5.5 Ohm/100 m.; Screen: 0.62 Ohm/100 m
Capacitance:  Core-core: 37 pF/m.
Characteristic Impedance: ~110 Ohm (in balanced configuration); Allows AES-EBU standard digital audio transmission
Insulation: Cores: PE foam; Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® / 300 Vrms min
Connector Type: RCA to RCA

Package Contents

1 x van den Hul The D-102 III HYBRID RCA to RCA Cable

Web Reviews

"The difference in the sound from the cable is amazing. The mid range is now very natural and warm. The highs have lost their edginess and harshness. The sound stage really opens up and the speakers disappear. The cable now shows its true colours."

Quoted from user review by Leslie Overs

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Warranty Lifetime (local)
Colour Orange


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