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Strontium BASIC microSDHC/SDXC microSD Card

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Strontium BASIC microSDHC/SDXC microSD Card

  • Ultra-Portable with Small Physical Size

  • Versatile; Convert to SD Card wth SD Adapter (optional)

  • Easy Plug and Play

  • Support SD System Specification Version 2.0

  • Card Capacity of Non-secure Area, Secure Area Supports Specifications

  • Class speed – 6 and 10

  • Minimum Data Transfer Rate of 4MB/s for Class 4, 6MB/s for Class 6 and 10MB/s for Class 10

  • Strontium® Limited Lifetime Warranty


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If you need a thunder-speed data transfer, the more you should try out Strontium MicroSD card Class 6 that would show you the real power of speed. With an improvement of transfer speed to 6Mb/s, you will be amazed that the data transfer is complete with a blink of your eyes. It can store higher definition of videos, higher resolution of photos and you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data.

Strontium® 2GB BASIC microSD and 4GB-64GB BASIC microSDHC flash cards offers an impressive storage of music, high-definition videos, high-resolution photos and games in a tiny body. Our microSD/SDHC card allows user to fully utilize their mobile devices and enjoy the true potential of data storage with great ease. Equipped with a speed “Class” rating, our microSD/SDHC cards promises a minimum data transfer rate that ensures optimal performance with devices that apply microSD/SDHC.

Similar in physical size to the standard microSD card, Strontium® BASIC microSD/SDHC cards are designed to follow the SD card Specification and they are only compatible with microSDHC host devices. With the use of a adaptor, it can be transformed to a full-size SD/SDHC cards. It is strongly advised to check for the microSD/SDHC or SD/SDHC logo on host devices (e.g. cameras, mobile phones, and tablets) to ensure full compatibility with their use.

Strontium® BASIC microSD/SDHC will be your best data solution in this revolutionary mobile world. All cards have went through 100-percent testing and are supported by Strontium® limited lifetime warranty

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 11
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Product Type Storage (microSD)
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