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UNIEA U-Motion Runner Series Armband for iPhone 5

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UNIEA U-Motion Runner Series Armband for iPhone 5

- Premium,soft neoprene for a lightweight, breathable feel 
- Flexible,adjustable armband for a custom fit 
- Slim shape with soft and pliable texture makes it extremely comfortable to wear 
- Convenient headphone cable management keeps ear buds safe and organized


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The whole idea of the iPhone 5 is to let you listen to music, surf the web, communicate, and play on the go. UNIEA’s U-Motion for the iPhone 5 is the perfect way to bring the fun of your iPhone 5 along with you when running, jogging, exercising, or doing anything where a pocket or purse isn’t handy. The U-Motion armband is constructed of incredibly lightweight yet protective neoprene, which repels moisture and fastens to your upper arm, for a snug, secure fit. A clear, protective plastic pocket keeps your iPhone 5 secure, while a small fastener holds your earbuds when not is use. The U-Motion is the perfect solution for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Built for an Active Lifestyle
An armband case for the iPod Touch has to be durable and secure. The U-Motion features a large, comfortable neoprene strap that is fully adjustable and fastens to your arm with durable Velcro for years of use.

Keep Moisture Out and Your iPhone In
The U-Motion’s protective pouch still allows access to your iPhone 5 headphone jack and top buttons for convenience while in motion. This lets you keep music and calls going – even when you’re running, jogging, hiking, or doing anything else athletic.

Easy In, Easy Out
Get your iPhone in and out of the U-Motion with ease! Your iPhone 5 slips snugly and easily into a protective pouch that repels moisture and allows you to use your iPhone 5 easily. This makes it easy to transition your iPhone from exercising to work and play..

The Perfect Case for Running and Jogging
The innovative design of the U-Motion fastens to your upper arm without slipping while running, jogging, or exercising. This is critical design element, since, when you run, your upper arm moves minimally, keeping your iPhone in place.

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Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Type Armband
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