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1MORE E1008 Dual Driver On-Ear Earbud with Mic

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1MORE E1008 Dual Driver On-Ear Earbud with Mic

  • Dual Dynamic Drivers - Multi-layer ceramic driver for upper frequencies to 40kHz and a dynamic aerospace industry metal driver for bass and midrange

  • Expertly Tuned - by Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer, Luca Bignardi, to deliver a precise representation of your favorite music

  • Unique 'Sports-Car' Wheel Design - Comfortable and attractive ‘sports-car’ wheel design that also helps contribute to an open and detailed soundstage

  • High Quality Materials - Part of the 1MORE high-end Black Laboratory products, the E1008 uses on the highest quality materials for exceptional build and performance

  • Audiophile Standard Cable - Hi-Fi quality, kevlar-sleeved, oxygen free copper cable with ‘L’ type plug.

  • High-Res Certified - Official certification by the High-Resolution Association of Japan to replay high-resolution music (better-than-CD quality)



Innovative Acoustics Dual Driver ,Optimized for comfortable wear

  • Multi-layer ceramic horn and aerospace metal dual dynamic driver
  • comfortable earplugs design to create open and transparent sense of hearing 。
  • Japanese Audio Association Hi-Res Audio certification
  • Grammy Award music master set tone

Multi-layer ceramic and aerospace metal double-cell dynamic balance and rich sense of hearing

  • Each earplug placed a multi-layer ceramic driver and aerospace metal dynamic double driver, the former responsible for the high frequency, which is responsible for the low frequency, high-quality details of the resolution and rich texture of the sound, so that a sense of balance, open and Rich details

Aerospace metal composite diaphragm dynamic driver is balanced and natural permeability of the sense of hearing

  • The headset dynamic driver uses the aerospace composite metal diaphragm, aerospace metal material is very light, strong rigidity, fast acoustic speed, bring bright treble and rich details; soft and flexible PET and PU material, to ensure that the Mellow midrange and strong bass effect, bringing a balanced and natural permeability of the overall sense of hearing.

The multilayer ceramic driver achieves excellent high frequency performance

  • Hi-Res Audio certified high definition resolution
  • The multi-layer ceramic driver produces a smooth and high-definition sound quality through two-way vibration, high-speed operation and fast transient response, and the high-frequency range extends up to 40kHz. Therefore, the headset was approved by the Japanese audio association "Hi-Res Audio "Certification, to complete and accurate analysis and restore music, bringing a more natural, realistic listening experience.

The front wheel cavity wheel symmetrical design open field more penetrating

  • Thanks to the semi-open structure of the earbud headphones, the ears can feel the open sound field, in order to make the music more penetrating; the front audio cavity metal shell adopts the sports car wheel hub symmetrical design, increased permeability and more Beautiful. With the bass optimization program, the bass is more solid and effective, while reducing the loss of sound in the transmission, the formation of a three-dimensional and level of sound.

Ergonomic design Earplugs and accessories to wear comfort more firmly

  • The earbud size is ergonomically designed and tried on over a hundred people to achieve a wider range of earbud size. The optimized design of the sponge ear and the "rabbit ear" -shaped external earmuff can effectively support and fix the earplug; the outer ear cover adopts the EU standard * skin-friendly touch-sensitive silicone material to create, make the wearing more comfortable.
  • * European Standard EN 1400: 2013

Dual system intelligent switch, Adapt to Apple and mainstream Android mobile phone

  • Dual system intelligent wire control technology, adapted to Apple and mainstream Android smart phone, to solve the current Apple and Andrews system (CTIA international standard interface) smart phone wire compatibility issues, compatible with volume control, music selection and other functions

High-fidelity oxygen-free copper wire, Kevlar fiber wrapped tough and durable

  • Wire material using oxygen-free copper wire, and wrapped Kevlar tensile fiber, so that more low-frequency dive, surging. Kevlar wrapped core fiber tensile, tough and durable anti-winding, and effectively reduce the "stethoscope effect" to bring more pleasant sound.

Precision metal technology engraved fashion sense of luxury

  • Deep gold and iron black engraved luxury texture, the surface of the integration of multiple precision metal technology: CD pattern engraving, high-light drilling, metal wire drawing, so that a small headset is also glow unique light. The front metal shell of the front of the metal shell use symmetrical design of sports car wheels, highlighting the tough metal temperament.

High definition listening to a good partner

  • Hi-Res Audio certified 1MORE magic listens to the player
  • The "Hi-Res Audio" logo is the certification of the Japan Audio Association for the complete reproduction of high-resolution music * products, covering music formats, music players and headphone products. So use the Hi-Res Audio certified 1MORE magic listening player with the same certification of the 1MORE headphones with the product to listen, will bring the ears of the new high-definition listening experience.
  • High resolution music refers to the amount of audio data beyond the CD-quality music format
Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents
  • E1008 earbuds
  • 2 pairs silicone ring covers 
  • 2 pairs of foam sponge covers 
  • 3 pairs Bose-style wing covers
  • Carrying case
Colour Gold
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 18.5
Availability Discontinued
Product Type Earphone
Style/Type Earbud
Features High-Res Audio Certified
Driver Configuration 2-Drivers (Dynamic)
Frequency Response (Hz) 20-40,000Hz
Impedance (Ω) 32 Ω
Sensitivity 102 dB
Output Power 5 mW
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Microphone In-Line Microphone with Remote/Controls
Cable Style Wired (for 3.5mm devices)
Input Connectivity 3.5mm stereo
Cable Length (cm) 125cm
Additional Tech Specs

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