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AVIOT TE-D01m True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earphone with Mic - Black

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AVIOT TE-D01m True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earphone with Mic - Black

  • Active noise canceling

  • APTX Adaptive for Advanced High Sound Quality Experience

  • Total of 50 hours Playtime

  • Four high-quality microphones installed 

  • Equipped with an Ambient Microphone

  • IPX4 level waterproof performance




The Ongaku goes through the silence

Introducing the long-awaited model with active noise canceling from AVIOT.

Active noise canceling is a convenient function that easily reduces external noise, but since it is equipped with multiple microphones, it is large and heavy enough to stick out of the body, and its on.・ There are many products whose sound quality changes significantly when off.

Therefore, AVIOT returned to the basics and thoroughly researched the shape of Japanese people, who are generally smaller than those of Europe. A passive noise reduction effect is achieved while using the latest Qualcomm chip * and incorporating the highly accurate active noise canceling function "Mild ANC (Active Noise Canceling) **" realized by our own know-how. We have realized a small-sized housing shape that makes you feel as if you are sticking to the water.

Active and passive for both silence and high quality, two noise reductions, long-time playback of up to 10 hours (50 hours including case), support for high-quality codec aptX ™ Adaptive, telework calling It is a product of AVIOT's own that continues to be held by many artists, such as the installation of a microphone made by Knowles of Japan, which has high quality.

Considering external noise by dividing it into two frequency bands, for example, passive noise isolation is used in the middle range such as the sounds and voices of human beings, and "mild ANC" is used in the low range such as jet noise of automobiles. , Which reduces noise in all bands while minimizing the effect on the sound.

Here is the optimal solution for AVIOT, which maximizes the quality of the sound.

* Qualcomm SoC QCC3040
** "Mild ANC (Active Noise Canceling)" is a trademark of Preceed Japan Co., Ltd.

Equipped with new technology that enhances connection stability.

Qualcomm's completely wireless earphones equipped with the latest SoC for Bluetooth audio are equipped with Qualcomm TrueWireless ™ ️ Mirroring, a new technology that enables high-quality simultaneous left and right connection with music players such as smartphones and DAPs. After connecting one earphone to the music player device as the master unit (primary), the signals on the left and right sides are mirrored and sent to the earphones of the other slave unit (secondary). Roll swapping is performed at any time to prevent transmission loss of audio signals, enabling a stress-free listening experience due to sound interruptions and noise.

Technology that connects you and Ongaku more strongly and for a long time .The synergistic effect of the newly designed thin-film antenna and Qualcomm True Wireless ™ ️ Mirroring has succeeded in minimizing the interruption of sound even in the harsh environment of Japan where innumerable radio waves are mixed.
Longer, no matter where you are, Ongaku is no longer interrupted.

A small but
tough long-lasting battery that you can enjoy forever.
By combining AVIOT's power-saving technology and the latest SoC, it is possible to play up to about 50 hours * in a compact case with a small earphone body. Up to 10 hours of playback is possible with the earphone itself alone.* When using the active noise canceling function or when the codec is aptX ™ or aptX ™ Adaptive, the playback time will be shortened by about 20-30%.

Ergonomic design that is hard to drop even if you move violently. Adopted an ergonomic design created by utilizing AVIOT's database of over 1,000 Japanese ear shapes. It has a sticky fit and is hard to fall off, making it ideal for commuting to work or school, as well as for workouts in the gym.* There are individual differences in the fit.

The farther away you are, the more your feelings will be transmitted.
Higher quality call performance.
In order to improve the call quality, we have installed four high-quality microphones from Knowles of Japan. With the synergistic effect of the cVc noise canceling function that reduces external noise during a call, clearer voice can be delivered to the other person even while moving or teleworking.

Ambient microphone function that does not miss outside sounds while wearing earphones. 
If you use the noise canceling function to walk on the platform of a station or on the side of a busy road, you may not be able to hear the surrounding sounds and you may encounter unexpected dangers. Even in such a case, even in such a danger, it is safe because it is equipped with an ambient microphone function that allows you to capture the outside sound while wearing earphones. Of course, if you turn on the ambient microphone when you are suddenly talked to at a cafe or convenience store, you can respond smartly without removing the earphones.

Waterproof design that is safe even if it gets wet with sweat or sudden rain.IPX4 level waterproof performance has been achieved * by waterproofing.
It is safe for workout sweat and sudden rain. 
* Earphone body only (Charging case is non-waterproof)


Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 53
Availability Available
Product Type Earphone
Style/Type True Wireless In-Ear
Features AAC, aptX, Bluetooth, IPX4~IPX6 (Sweatproof, Splashproof/Water-resistant), Microphone, SBC, Volume Control for Android, Volume Control for Apple
Impedance (Ω) 16Ω
Sensitivity 93 ± 3db
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Microphone Yes (Built-In)
Cable Style Wireless
Input Connectivity Bluetooth
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