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AZLA SednaEarfit MAX Medical Silicone Eartips for Apple AirPods Pro

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AZLA SednaEarfit MAX Medical Silicone Eartips for Apple AirPods Pro

  • Premium eartips made for regular/normal earphones

  • 100% Premium Medical Silicone

  • Tapered Structure

  • Reduces pressure in your ears and enhances noise cancelling 

  • Special Silicone Filter which prevents foreign substances from entering 

  • Materials are safe for the body / All materials approved by US FDA

  • Genuine Apple filters

  • Fully compatible with the AirPods Pro (1st & 2nd Gen), charging case 

  • 100% MADE IN KOREA


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100% sterile ingredients

Bacteria + irritation + allergy protection!

AZLA SednaEarfit MAX for Apple Airpods Pro AZLA SednaEarfit MAX for Apple Airpods Pro

Material: 100% Medical Silicone

Design: Tapered structure - Pressure↓ + noise cancelling↑

Technology: Special silicone filter prevents foreign substances from entering


100% Medical Silicone

Material used specifically for the skin inside the ears!

AZLA SednaEarfit Max is made of medical silicone (prevention of bacterial reproduction + minimization of allergies) used in tools that enter the body during surgery.

In addition, for safety, the “ear-contact part” does not contain any pigments or other additives other than medical silicone.

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro


As a result of transplanting this sample into muscles for 120 hours on NZW rabbits, the difference in transplant response score was calculated as ‘0’ compared to the control group, and it was evaluated that it did not cause adverse reactions to the tissues around the sample.

*Certification for medical silicone ingredients.


SednaEarfit Max uses Korean KCC’s ‘Medical Silicone”. The “Umbrella” which touches the ears is made out of 100% medical silicone and does not contain any mixed ingedients (such as pigmints, plastics, etc.)

Tapered structure

The tapered structure minimizes irritation and maximizes the noise canceling effect

A new fit that’s comfortable to wear!

Unlike regular ear tips, the thickness of the ear-contact area is thinner, reducing pressure and increasing sound insulation.

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro

Pressure relieve

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro

Normal type : Gets thicker towards the inside of the ear, resulting in pressure

Tapered type : Gets thinner towards the inner ear, therefore reduces pressure and makes it more comfortable

Increased sound insulation

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro

Normal type : The thickness makes it less elastic and less soundproof

Tapered type : The part where the sound enters is thick, resulting in excellent sound insulation

Hexagonal Filter Design

Is there a way to prevent foreign substances to block the filter without interfering with the sound?


  • Ideal sound structure hexagonal filter design.
  • Safe material
  • Flexibility
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Blocking dust

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro

Circular type

There's a gap between the shapes and outer lines

Square type

There's a gap in the outer line

Hexagonal type

Minimize the space between shapes and outer lines

Through various mathematical calculation tests, we adopted a “hexagonal structure” that

effectively reduces the inflow rate of foreign substances and increases sound transmission

by minimizing the margins between shapes and outline margins.


Cleaner and more comfortable!

A new urethane coated filter for MAX and AirPods Pro Adapter in Stock tip of AirPods pro

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro

Adapter for MAX for AirPods pro

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro

Considering the transmission power of sound due to the ear tip’s own filter, we made a new adapter filter for Max.

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro


Make the ANC performance of the AirPods Pro even more amazing!

Maximize ANC performance without losing bass with urethane coatings, rather than third-party plastic adapters.

Perfect charging compatibility

The smooth texture of the low friction Max makes it perfectly compatible with genuine chargers.


AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro

A high-quality design 

By unifying the front of the AirPods Pro and the adapter color, the design completeness is improved when wearing the product.

AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro AZLA AZLA MAX for Airpods Pro Size Chart

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents

2 pairs / 3 pairs SednaEarfit MAX eartips

Colour Clear
Warranty 1-to-1 exchange within 7 days if defective (accessory)
Availability Available
Product Type Replacement Eartips
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