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CAYIN iDAP-6 Desktop Digital Audio Player

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CAYIN iDAP-6 Desktop Digital Audio Player

  • Ideal for Audiophiles

  • Best for Indoor Use

  • Bluetooth with aptX

  • 1 Year of Warranty

  • Designed in China

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Desktop network player that can supports all common digital file formats: DFF, DSF, SACD-ISO, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, APE

PCM supports upto 32Bit/384kHz, DSD supports upto DSD256 with I2S, upto DoP128 with USB and DoP64 on other digital interface

Comprehensive digital output options: USB, I2S, AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical.

Support file sharing through Ethernet or WiFi connection, can communicate with large variety of networked devices through Samba, DLNA and Airplay

Can plug in SD card (upto 256GB) and USB storage (upto 2TB) directly

Transmit or receive through dual Bluetooth v4.1, support Bluetooth remote control profile.

Multi-lingua custom designed UI through 3.95” AMOLED screen, display Album Art, music information and control menu in a clear and effective presentation.


  • The Long Story

  • Convenience in an Audio Player

    With the iDAP6 you can get easy and quick access to portable devices like SD card and USB thumb drive OTG with 1A current. It can handle 2.5" HDD directly.

    Connect Anywhere, Any time

    You can get LAN connection through WiFi or with the Ethernet cable enable network-based applications. Samba the file/music sharing with NAS or PCs in LAN. Pushed content from DLNA library (DLNA Render) Pushed music from Apple devices (Airplay)

    Extraordinary Music Player

    The iDAP6 has three USB Audio output or USB storage. Along with the regular RCA (coaxial) and Toslink (optical) comes the professionally used applications BNC (coaxial)

    Comprehensive and Technically advanced

    The iDAP6 comes with AES/EBU which is recommended by studio professionals and is the most reliable digital interface. The best alternative lower jitter, delivered through HDIM as high quality cables-I2S which is the native digital audio for signal transmission.



    You can connect your iDAP-6 with your phone via Bluetooth as it supports HiByLink. You can even control playback of iDAP-6 remotely through a touch screen graphical interface. You can also share files, mobile app will read the file headers and facilitate features which is originally not available like searching, playlists, file management etc. It is compatible with off-the-shelf Bluetooth remote control.

    All-New UI Design

    The iDAP-6 is designed with the All-New UI design for the music playback. It is intuitive, visible, comprehensive and self-explained. It has multi-layered to best-fit the 3.95" AMOLED screen. All information are well organized and are properly presented.

    Multi-Function Knob

    With the knob on the iDAP-6 you can easily control all features. Rotate left and right to browse and press enter to select your choice.

    Dual Bluetooth 4.1

    The iDAP-6 can be used as wireless digital transport or playback to Bluetooth headphones. You just have to accept audio signal form the paired device and it can function as a wireless interface to a sound system.

    The i-Series Family

    The i-Series has almost the same look and feel with matching material and finishing. The iDAC-6, iHA-6 and iDAP-6 can be used as complete Desktop Trio system or you can mix and match them with different audio equipments.


    Hardware Highlights

    Two extremely low-noise high-precision Femtosecond Crystal Oscilallators with RMS jitter below 0.1ps@10hz-1MHz and phase noise below -166dBc/Hz@1MHz offset. High precision low jitter digital transmission is the base of high quality digital playback. It is how we deliver a natural, non-digital and musical sound to your audio system. They designed and manufactured the toroidal transformers in-house. It is securely shielded and will provide low-noise, high efficient power for iDAP-6 circuit. They use NICHICON electrolytic capacitors from Japan in their power supply circuit. This improves the transparency of the system, and display the detail and layering effortlessly.


Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents

Cayin - IDAP-6

Colour Silver
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 3300
Country of Manufacture China
Availability Available
Product Type Digital Audio Player
Style/Type Desktop
Features aptX, Bluetooth
Storage Capacity 2TB
Sampling / Bitrate PCM supports up to 32Bit/384kHz
Output Power < 20W
Input Connectivity micro-USB
Output Connectivity TOSLINK Optical (SPDIF), Coaxial (SPDIF), RCA (Line-Out), USB, XLR (Dual 3-Pin) [Balanced]
Additional Tech Specs





SUPPORTED STORAGE 2.5" HDD(Upto 2 TB) SD Card(Upto 256 GB), Thumb Drive, Card Reader

WEIGHT ~3.3kg

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