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Comply Foam Plugs Earplugs

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Comply Foam Plugs Earplugs

  • Ultra-Soft Comfort

  • Superior In-Ear Protection

  • Hi-Fidelity Retention

  • Secure Fit



Comply™ Foam Plugs are high-tech earplugs engineered specifically for concert-goers and musicians. Turning down the volume, they cut the intensity of environmental sound without degrading the experience. Typical earplugs muffle the mid and high frequencies distorting the sound. Comply™ Foam Plugs use acoustic baffling and high-pass filters to even out the sound blocking across the entire frequency spectrum. These plugs will revolutionize the acoustic experience anytime you need to retain sound quality without damaging your hearing.

The precise design and attention to detail make Comply™ Foam Plugs the top choice for those who want to Cut the Intensity and Amp up the sound!

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