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Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs)

What are Custom In-Ear Monitors?
Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs) are hand crafted earphones designed to fit your own ears perfectly. CIEMs are crafted using a silicone impression of your ears, the ear monitor's shell is made to perfectly fit your ear's unique shape and deeper than universal fit earphones can. Originally developed for stage musicians to aid their live performances, CIEMs have become one of the most popular way for audiophiles to enjoy music on-the-go thanks to the noise isolation & high quality sound achieved from balanced armature drivers. (Or dynamic drivers in some cases)

Why Custom In-Ear Monitors?
While many universal fit earphones offer great sound, it is not possible to have a generic earphone to provide a perfect fit for everyone's ears. CIEMs ensures that the earphones are perfectly fitted to your ears and unsurpassed noise isolation. With greater noise isolation, you can listen to music safely at a much lower listening volume to protect your own hearing.

Ordering Process
1. Place your order online or visit our office first for a demo before ordering.
2. Have your ear impressions taken at our office or from a qualified Audiologist and pass it to us.
3. For overseas customers, you can also ship the ear impressions to our office address.
4. Your ear impression will be shipped to the manufacturer, build time is typically 4~6 weeks.
5. Once completed, your CIEM will be shipped back to our office and you will be notified for collection/delivery!