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DITA The Answer (Truth Edition) In-Ear Earphone

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DITA The Answer (Truth Edition) In-Ear Earphone

  • State-of-the-art ultra rigid, light & fast 10mm dynamic driver to achieve stunning bandwidth and quick response

  • Enclosure machined from 6063-T6 aluminum to minimize resonances and maximumize dynamics.

  • 'The Truth' custom made cable By Van Den Hul

  • 3.5mm Carbon Fiber plug

  • Recipient of Singapore President's Design Award 2015

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“Ultra High Resolution”, “State-of-the-art”, and “Cost-No-Object” were some of the ideologies we used when designing The Answer(Truth Edition). The Truth Edition is built for the ultimate purist. One who is looking to squeeze that last ounce of performance from his personal audio system.

To fully exploit the true potential of The Answer, we collaborated with Van den Hul to develop the very best cable that current technologies would permit. The end result is an extraordinary cable called “The Truth”.

The Truth cable is the end result of the collaboration between Dita Audio and Van den Hul. Our brief to Mr A.J. Van den Hul (owner & designer) was very simple… build us the very best cable possible. Using over 3 decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology in metallurgy, a cable of such sonic purity was created that we couldn’t call it by any other name but The Truth…

We also decided not to use removable cable connectors as doing so would mean more joints and reliability issues.

All joins are soldered with Van den Hul Lead-free Silver solder for best sound.

Being so proud of the The Truth, we felt that it would be too selfish not to share this cable with the rest of the Audio community. As such, we will be offering The Truth as an aftermarket replacement cable for certain models of earphones & headphones in our online store.

The Truth will set your music free…

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents 3 Pairs Small Bore Tips S/M/L (sweeter highs), 3 Pairs Medium Bore Tips S/M/L (reference tuning), 3 Pairs Large Bore Tips S/M/L (airier highs), 1 Pair Double Flange Tips, 1 Custom Flight Adapter, 1 3.5mm to 6.3mm Adapter, 1 Premium Leather Carrying Case 1 Casual Carrying Case
Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Available
Product Type Earphone
Style/Type Universal In-Ear
Driver Configuration 1-Driver (Dynamic)
Frequency Response (Hz) 18-25000 Hz
Impedance (Ω) 16
Sensitivity 102 dB
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Cable Style Wired (for 3.5mm devices)
Input Connectivity 3.5mm stereo
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