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Ear Impression Service

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Ear Impression Service

  • Experienced audio specialists to do the job

  • Safe and reliable, Proper ear impressions guaranteed

  • Type: Relaxed Jaw, Closed Jaw or Open Jaw ear impressions as required

  • Impression Material: egger A/II Medical Grade, High Viscosity Silicone (Hardness: 40 Shore A)

  • Approximate duration: 15-30 minutes

  • Service provided at our office/showroom (Nearest to Tai Seng MRT). 

  • Important Notice: Service provided as-is, our company shall not be held liable for subsequent occurance of loose/imperfect fit of your custom monitors



Impressions will be required by the laboratory for bespoke hearing protection products and in ear monitors. It is necessary for the laboratory technicians to work with ear impressions with good definitions of the ear canal. 

Our experienced audio specialists will use a silicone based impression material to yield more accurate ear impressions, critical for a well fitting hearing aid or custom in-ear product. The impression of the ear canal will take no longer than 30 minutes to be taken and is a painless process.

Custom products include:
  - Musicians audio monitors
  - Musicians noise defenders
  - iPod custom moulds
  - Shooting defenders - digital suppressors and sonic valves
  - Miscellaneous - i.e. noise plugs, swimming plugs, sleeping plugs

Place an order with us and we will contact you to schedule a session at your convenient timing during our opening hours. We do recommend you see your local Doctor or Practice Nurse to have your ears checked to for a build up of ear wax or compounded wax prior to your scheduled session.

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Package Contents
  • Ear mold impressions
  • Protective container to house impressions
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