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EarStudio ES100MK2 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC with Mic

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EarStudio ES100MK2 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC with Mic

  • 24bit Bluetooth receiver designed to deliver studio-quality sound through your ears WIRELESS - using your existing wired headphones, earphones or even speakers

  • 14 hours of continuous playback

  • Dedicated smartphone app featured with 10 band EQ and Ambient mode

  • USB audio playback

  • Device firmware updates available

  • Including dual independent Hi-fi DACs and Amplifiers (Asahi Kasei AK4375a) – the optimal Dual DACs/AMP design for both single-ended and full-differential outputs

  • Analog volume control allows to keep the optimal audio performance even at low volume level using Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) which is known for the best way to control the volume

  • Built-in microphone supports answering calls while using earphones without a microphone

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EarStudio ES100MK2

EarStudio ES100MK2 EarStudio ES100 MK2 EarStudio ES100 MK2

Bluetooth DAC/Headphone Amp

USB DAC/Headphone Amp

Works as Preamplifier in vehicles

LDAC, aptX-HD, AAC, aptX, SBC
14 Hours Playback
USB Audio Class 1.0 (48KHz / 16-bit only) 3.5mm output to car AUX
CAR MODE support(auto power on/off)

Proprietary DualDrive Technology

  • Two AK4375a DAC/HPAMP ICs
  • 3.5mm Unbalanced output
  • 2.5mm Balanced output

Proprietary DCT algorithm (on/off option)

  • Eliminate noises in digital sound sources
  • Enhances 16bit into high resolution 24bit

Built-in Analog Volume control

Noise free even with high-sensitivity earphones

Hands-free call with built-in high sensitive microphone

Companion Android / iOS Application

  • Codec selection
  • 2.5mm / 3.5mm output mode selection
  • Battery level status
  • Analog & Digital volume control
  • 10-Band Embedded GEQ control
  • AK4375a DAC filter selection/ Oversampling selection
  • Proprietary DCT level control
  • Cross-feed level control
  • Microphone gain control
  • Ambient mode On/Off

EarStudio ES100 mk2

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Blue
Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Discontinued
Product Type Amplifier (Headphone), DAC (Digital-Analog Converter), Portable Amplifier & DAC
Style/Type Portable
Features AAC, aptX, aptX HD, Bluetooth, Dual Headphone Output, LDAC, Microphone, SBC
DAC AKM AK4375A x 2 (Dual)
Sampling / Bitrate 192kHz/32bit
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 109dB (+2.8dBu) [3.5mm Unbalanced]; 110dB (+8.8dBu) [2.5mm Balanced]
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.0022% (3.5mm Unbalanced); 0.0014% (2.5mm Balanced)
Output Power 1.1Vp @ 16Ohm (3.5mm Unbalanced); 2.2 Vp @ 16Ohm (2.5mm Balanced)
Battery Life (hrs) 14 Hours playback
Input Connectivity Bluetooth, micro-USB
Output Connectivity 3.5mm Stereo, 2.5mm Balanced / 4-Pole
Microphone Yes (Built-In)
Additional Tech Specs

Click here to navigate to EarStudio ES100MK2 official webpage for full Technical Specifications

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