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Focal Spirit One Over-Ear Headphone with Mic - White

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Focal Spirit One Over-Ear Headphone with Mic - White

- The Focal sound in a compact and mobile headphone
- Sealed-back, Circumaural Design
- Sleek design with quality materials
- 40mm Sculpted Cavity Mylar Titanium Diaphragm
- Sound insulation over 20 dB
- Comfort-Fit Aluminum Framed Pentagraph Headband Design with Gimbaled Earcups
- Modular Single sided, acoustically damped signal cable with integrated microphone & made for iPhone, iPod, iPad controls
- Highly accessorized
- iPhone/iPod/iPad and smartphone-compatible



Designed to be used on the go, one pre-requisite for the first Focal hi-fi headphones was for them to have optimal sound insulation. The technical specifications: keep unwanted, ambient noise out so the Focal sound could be heard unhindered. That challenge has been successfully met with the Spirit One, around-the-ear, closed-back headphones offering an impressive set of technical features.

Innovative closed-back design
Very early on, designing circumaural, closed-back headphones became a must; they needed to feature earphones that completely covered the user’s ears. In fact, those are the only type of headphones that achieve the sound insulation required for high-quality sound reproduction. So Spirit One was designed with that in mind, along with an innovatively designed headband including two pivots, one of which is off to the side, allowing the pads to hug the ears naturally, regardless of their shape and size.

Sound Insulation over 20dB
Not only is the headband design innovative, the earphone design efforts were carried even further: the shape of the pads and their sleek finish do away with any chance of leakage. Consequently, Spirit One is perfectly sealed, leading to amazing results: even though the sound insulation of the headphones is passive, meaning there’s no electronic noise compensation, it’s over 20 dB. That’s comparable to dividing the surrounding noise by 100. More than enough to guarantee ambitious sound performance!

100% Focal comfort and pleasure
Along with all the rest, the Spirit One hi-fi headphones offer unprecedented comfort, too. The Spirit One headband with its evenly exerted pressure, the choice and softness of the materials, the earpad foam and featherweight make it one of the lightest closed-back headphones on the market. Listening to music for hours is still a real pleasure. A perfectly trendy, on-the-go and carefree pleasure: a 100% Focal pleasure.

Spirit One, the new sleek, upscale high-fidelity headphones. Snug, lightweight and perfectly mobile, they offer a signature and sound performance that are 100% Focal. Meet the highly accessorized Spirit One, the audio headphones for music lovers, complete with an iPhone/iPod/iPad remote control.

Spirit One is a mobile headphone with a neat, upscale design: a resolutely modern look, made of carefully selected materials and a remote control for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Spirit One is also a very lightweight: thanks to its aluminum frame, it only weighs 225 grams. Its adjustable headband, swivel earphones and sleek pads make it an easy-to-wear high-fidelity headphone.

Although it’s comfy, lightweight and mobile, Spirit One remains first and foremost a Focal headphone – in other words, an audiophile headphone. Its closed-back, circumaural design covers the whole ear to offer cutting-edge sound insulation. Sound reproduction is optimal: punchy, tight bass, no smearing and refined, sharp mids that are full and highly detailed, plus a wide bandwidth. Timbral respect, definition, yield and dynamics are all waiting for you!

Télécommande iPhone

The Spirit One high-fidelity headphones come with an aluminum remote embedded in the 3.5-mm jack cord.

Compatible with Apple pads, players and phones, the remote lets you make calls and manage the essential iPod, iPhone and iPad functions: volume, play, pause, previous or next track.

Note: the remote may be totally or partially compatible with other smartphones.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Available
Product Type Headphone
Style/Type Over-Ear (circumaural)
Features Microphone
Driver Configuration 1-Driver (Dynamic)
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Cable Style Detachable (Customisable, IM, E/LS, others)
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