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iFi micro iTube2 Analogue Tube Buffer, Output Stage & Preamplifier

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iFi micro iTube2 Analogue Tube Buffer, Output Stage & Preamplifier

  • Add studio quality sound with this Class A tube buffer circuit and put the ‘analog’ back into your music

  • Hear more warmth, depth, and base in your system

  • Open up the sound stage with the 3D Holographic Sound wide setting, enjoy a sound field that is outside of the speakers with front to rear depth

  • XBass+ cleans up and restores a rich, deeper bass line. 

  • Digital Antidote Plus significantly reduces ringing and digital distortion, then the included 15v iPower power adapter provides a clean ultra quiet, low noise, power source

  • Precision analog volume control is able to preserve the innermost resolution of the audio source and allow accurate control at all levels

  • Choose between 3 sonic signatures: Single Ended Triode power amplifier, Push / Pull tube power amplifier, and classic tube amplifier



micro iTube2

Still feel there’s something missing from your music? Playlist a little lack-lustre?

Try the iTube2 – bring the warmth of ‘tubes’ into your home.

The magic of tubes

The micro iTube2 is a tubed output stage, preamp, buffer and impedance matching device, all rolled into one.

Put simply, whether you are listening to vinyl, CD or a digital stream, it will add depth, bass and personality to your playlist.

Spoilt for choice.

At iFi, we love giving you options and the iTube2 is no exception.

With the iTube2, you have a choice of three key sonic signatures:

  • Single-Ended Triode
  • Push-Pull Tube
  • Classic Tube

There is no right or wrong. It’s all down to what you prefer.


And the choices continue. We’ve add our own exclusive optional ‘sonic fining-tuning extras to add further nuances to your listening.

xBass+® cleans and restores the bass to give you a richer, deeper sound and 3D+® opens up your music to bring a live-concert atmosphere into your living room.

Hear the difference

Why did we give you a tube amp? You know how much we love them here at iFi and we know some of you do, too.

We feel the iTube2 delivers that special tube sound – it adds warmth, removes hardness and adds emphasis to instruments and vocals.

Give it a whirl in your set-up. Hear the difference.

Choose the ‘magic’ of SET, Push-Pull or Classic Tube sound – three different sonic signatures. There is no right or wrong, it’s whatever you prefer!


Only the best tube for our products. The GE5670 made by General Electric. Nothing comes close for quality.

3D+ Holographic® delivers an immersive, deep soundstage. Check it out here.

XBass+® delivers a deep, tighter bass sound. Discover the details.


DirectDrive® equals a direct signal path which means less signal degradation. This direct signal path is unequalled in audio and is the reason why the sound is so ‘true’.

Dig deeper here.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Silver
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 278
Availability Discontinued
Product Type Amplifier (Preamplifier)
Style/Type Desktop
Features Line-in, Line-out
Impedance (Ω) <1 ohm (Output stage output); <150 ohm (Corrected output)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 119dB(A) re. 2V, buffer, 0dB Gain
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.009% (re. 2V, buffer, 0dB Gain, A- weighted)
Output Power > 7.75V (>+20dBu)
Input Connectivity RCA
Output Connectivity RCA / Phono
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