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Astell&Kern Michelle Limited 3-Driver Universal In-Ear Earphone

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Astell&Kern Michelle Limited 3-Driver Universal In-Ear Earphone

  • 3-Way/3BA Drivers - 1 balanced armature driver for High, Mid, Low

  • Freqphase™ Time allows for the High, Mid, and Low drivers to be aligned to 1/100ms for the most ideal phase curve. 

  • Ergonomic Shell design with 3D printing technology resulting in unprecedented comfort and acoustic seal.

  • Silver Tinsel Cable with detachable 2pin connector

  • Hand Crafted IEM -  Everything is measured out to the smallest detail

  • 3D printed shell matches the drivers, tube lengths, and tested to match phase and reference freq curves within 1dB.



A true collaboration between Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey Audio.

Michelle Limited is based on professional sound technology from Jerry Harvey Audio, a well-known leader in the custom earphone industry.
An extension of the existing Siren series, which is loved by audiophiles around the world, Michelle Limited is a product that people who love music can enjoy at an affordable price.

Jerry Harvey Audio Freqphase, a patented technology, 3Way 3Drivers, Ergonomic Unit and Silver Tinsel cable are all utilized for improved sound quality.

Recognized by world-leading custom earpiece founder Jerry Harvey Audio and worldwide audiophiles, Michelle Limited is the link between music and music lovers.

Jerry Harvey Audio has developed a whole new Balanced Armature Driver to offer Reference quality IEMs for Mastering and mixing works. The high-range drivers are designed to deliver everything with minimum distortion, the ultimate mid driver offers perfect, flat sound from 10Hz to 5kHz.

Freqphase™ Time | Phase Waveguide
Most Multiple Driver IEM’s suffer from phase and timing issues. Low, Mid, and High drivers all have different impulse times. The higher it is, the faster the impulse time of the BA Driver. The lower it is, the slower the response speed. This causes improper arrival times and Phase shifts.

The “Michelle Limited” applies Jerry Harvey Audio’s patented “FreqPhase” technology, which uses precisely cut tube lengths for each driver to minimize the phase shift of each frequency. This allows for the High, Mid, and Low drivers to be aligned to 1/100ms for the most ideal Phase curve. It ensures the correct time alignment and phase of all drivers resulting the most accurate music reproduction in the industry.

3 Way 3 BA Drivers
Michelle’s balanced amateur driver boasts a much smaller size and amazing efficiency compared to conventional dynamic drivers.
Enjoy the full range of sonic details, thanks to the sophisticated 3 balanced amateur driver design, fused with Freqphase technology.


Ergonomic Shell Design
A proper "seal" is essential to the the performance of any universal IEM. The design of the "Michelle Limited" is the result of an exhaustive research and development project on the ergonomics of IEM fit. Michelle Limited adopted the perfect angle and size for optimum contact with the ear and comfortable fit for the best sound quality and listening pleasure.The "Michelle Limited's" performance now shares the performance characteristics of IEMs costing three times as much.


Silver Tinsel Cable with detachable 2pin connector
The cable used in the Michelle is not common copper. Instead, it is a copper cable plated with silver.
The cable is manufactured by first compressing the silver plated copper wire, which is then flattened and rolled into a steady interval that is then used to wrap around the Kevlar. This newly developed cable has astounding tensile strength and delivers the full dynamic range of music. There are two different types of cables provided - a 3.5mm Unbalanced and 2.5mm Balanced cable.
Conventional straight cables do not handle the frequent bending of cables and often short out. The intertwined cable disperses the stress to the cable and offers better resilience. It's also easier to wear around the outer ears as the cable shape can be easily adjusted for the best fit.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents
  • iRiver Astell&Kern Michelle Limited 3-Drivers Universal In-Ear Earphone
  • Replacement cable
  • Cleaning tool
  • Leather case
  • 4 pairs of eartips
Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 100
Availability Available
Product Type Earphone
Style/Type Universal In-Ear
Driver Configuration 3-Drivers (Balanced Armature)
Impedance (Ω) 18 ohm
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Cable Style Detachable (2-pin Westone/CIEM)
Input Connectivity 3.5mm stereo
Additional Tech Specs Noise isolation: -26dB
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