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Jomo Audio ACU Custom Fit Hearing Protection Earplugs

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Jomo Audio ACU Custom Fit Hearing Protection Earplugs

  • Crafted from high quality Hard Hypoallergenic acrylic

  • ACU Earplugs feature a noise attenuating filter that evenly reduces the noise level, ensuring speech & music are still clear and natural

  • Reduces risk of hearing damage for noisy occupations

  • Great for musicians practising in loud environment

  • 4 Different attenuation levels to choose from (9dB, 15dB, 25dB or 26dB)

  • Unrivalled custom-fit comfort, suitable for all day use

  • Long life span & economical on the long run

  • Handmade in Singapore

Note: Ear Impressions are required for this custom fit product.


ACU Filtered Earplug helps to protect your hearing from the loud and noisy working environment while allowing you to communicate with one another with reduced volume. Built with the latest 3D printing technologies offers the best fitting for long hours wearing and structural durability. 

ACU filters are exchangeable with 3 different acoustic resistance allowing the user to choose the suitable one for the working environment. 

Material: Hard Hypoallergenic acrylic

  • Blue ACU module provides ~9dB
  • Silver ACU module provides ~15dB
  • Black ACU module provides ~25dB
  • Solid Earplug provides ~26dB (not compatible with ACU filters)

This product is a custom made product. Earmold impression is required. Price does not include an earmold impression. 

Why Musicians Earplugs?
Regular earplugs are great for protecting your ears from loud noises, however an uneven noise attenuation makes it unsuitable for musicians. Musicians are often exposed to high level of sounds, putting their own hearing in danger if not protected. Jomo Audio's Musician's earplugs comes fitted with a filter that evenly reduces the sound entering your ears.

3 Different attenuation levels for different users (Note: Attenuation level filter cannot be swapped)

Suitable for:
9dB Strings, Vocalists, Acoustic Guitar users
15dB All users
25dB Brass, percussion, Amplified Instruments users

Regarding Ear Impressions

We provide ear impressions service at our office and we ensure that your ear impressions will be suitable for processing by Jomo Audio.

If you are taking your ear impressions by a professional audiologist, please inform the audiologist of the following requirements:
An open jaw ear impression, make sure to cover the full concha and pass the 2nd bend of the ear canal.
If you are unable to pass your ear impressions to us at our office, please send us an email with photos of your ear impressions to ensure that it is of sufficient quality before packaging it in a robust container and send it to our office address indicated here.

Please ensure to send it via registered service with tracking number as we will not be responsible for any lost packages sent by normal postage service.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents

ACU Earplugs, Premium soft IEM case, Cleaning tool, Removable lanyard, Your choice of ACU modules or solid plugs

Colour Clear
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 68
Availability Discontinued
Product Type Earplugs
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