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LEAR LUF-BA1 In-Ear Earphone - Metallic Blue

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LEAR LUF-BA1 In-Ear Earphone - Metallic Blue

  • Premium performance at affordable price range!

  • Custom designed shell based on over 2000 ear shapes

  • Exclusive Balanced Armature driver designed by LEAR

  • Horn-loaded nozzle to increase output efficiency & extended high frequencies

  • Detachable MMCX cable design

  • Designed & Made in Hong Kong



The Perfect Combination of Technology and Sound

After 2 years of research on over 2,000 pairs of pinna, over 10 times of remodeling, we have finally succeeded in designing a HF&E 3D printed universal fit solution for earphones enthusiasts other than the traditional custom fit!
The LEAR LUF-BA1 consists of our self-developed full range balanced armature unit with specifically designed tubing and high quality OFC wiring with 4% Silver solder, alongside with the switchable MMCX OFC cable that creates our refined mid-frequencies, crystal clear higher frequencies and a strong yet not overloaded bass.
The neutral sound tuning makes our LUF-BA1 suitable for both daily entertainment and referencing use.


We are born with a unique pair of ears, that no other person shares it. The revolution started with analyzing the big data of over 2,000 pairs of pinna from our previous customers. So we wonder, if the comfort and isolation comes with custom in-ear monitors only? After 2 years of research, we have found the way to make universal fit earphones as comfortable as in-ear monitors.


Traditional moulding production aims to produce in huge batches, which limited production. One has to compromise the tailor-made experience of earphones.However, we chose not to compromise.In order to create a more enjoyable experience for our customers, we imported the best industrial 3D printer alongside with medical grade harmless liquid resin with testing to create a unique earphones shell.We risked with the high cost and low efficiency to craft a pair of unforgettable earphones.


Benefited from the 10+ years in the custom in-ear monitors design, we then came up with the prototype of the most ergonomic earphones without a custom fitting. The idea was to make a pair of earphones that could ideally fit regardless of your pinna shape.


Producing balanced armature drivers require a good control of technology, which is why a handful of factories were successful in producing, and fine-tuning their balanced armature drivers, resulting in the similar tonality of balanced armature drivers in the market, which limited the choices and experience of earphones.The idea behind LEAR LUF-BA1 was to pioneer a pair of earphones that would strike the market from bottom to top, which we devoted lots of resource into developing our own driver - LEAR BAF, firstly introduced with LUF-BA1. The driver is redesigned inside out with LEAR’s own requirements, to ensure every details has been handled.


In order to work with the LEAR BAF, LUF-BA1 has a precisely modeled horn-like tubing that is only seen in Hi-Fi speakers.
The horn-like tubing increases output efficiency, extended higher frequencies, reinforcing the overall detail, resulting in an unique and high resolution tonality.


LUF-BA1 are equipped with oxygen-free copper (OFC) cables, ensuring an ideal sound transmitted.In order to satisfy your needs in upgradability, the LUF-BA1 has the standard MMCX plug, changeable cable, for one to upgrade to different cables as one desires.


With any in-ear monitors, comfortability is the key to an enjoyable experience.Any pair of earphones experience would be diminished even when there is a 0.1mm leakage between the earplug and canal, resulting in a bass leak that affects your musical experience. With regards to the issue, LUF-BA1 comes with different size of ear plugs, that users can choose the one that fits and isolate the best for them for the best comfortability!


Noisy outdoor environment might affect your listening experience if your earphones do not isolate sound well. A pair of well worn LEAR LUF-BA1 can result in over -29 dB of sound isolation, so that you never get distracted from any noise regardless of whether you are on the streets on public transport, you can still listen as if you were in your living room.

Frequency Response vs THD



Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents LEAR LUF-BA1, Silicone Ear Tips
Colour Blue
Warranty 1 year (local)
Country of Manufacture Hong Kong SAR China
Availability Preorder / Backorder (currently unavailable)
Product Type Earphone
Style/Type Universal In-Ear
Driver Configuration 1-Driver (Balanced Armature)
Frequency Response (Hz) 20Hz~20KHz
Impedance (Ω) 24ohm @ 1000 Hz
Sensitivity 116dB @ 1mW
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Cable Style Detachable (MMCX)
Input Connectivity 3.5mm stereo
Cable Length (cm) 120
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