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Lenco L-175 Digital Direct-Drive Turntable

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Lenco L-175 Digital Direct-Drive Turntable

  • Direct drive with contemporary glass design and removable aluminium headshell

  • USB port to convert vinyl to digital formats

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista Home and higher, Windows 7 Home and higher, Windows 7

  • Integrated switchable stereo pre-amplifier

  • Moving magnetic cartridge (MMC), Adjustable counterweight, Anti-skating and Auto-stop

  • Balanced aluminium platter (300mm diameter) with 33 & 45RPM speed settings



This high-end product has a high precision direct drive motor, smooth glass top with 300 mm aluminum platter, and features a pre-amplifier and Moving Magnetic Cartridge on the pick-up arm. Lenco Company CEO Kresimir Secak says“Increasingly we are seeing customers looking for a high-quality audio experience from their cherished vinyl collections. With the L-175 we provide a reliable way for these customers to enjoy their classic albums and singles, listening on their home music systems or recorded to the computer, true the USB connection.”

Furthermore, the Lenco L-175 also features high quality pick-up arm with adjustable counterweight enabling precise tuning of the needle pressure and precise mechanical arm lift. These extensive features are completed by a built-in anti-skating.

Lenco has a long history in producing turntables, and the L-175 is the result of careful research and design, combining the analogue world of vinyl audio with the digital world of modern technology and design.

Kresimir Secak: “Lenco began as a brand back in 1946 in Switzerland, making high-end turntables for music lovers. We are proudly continuing that heritage by bringing the same quality product to a new audience and combining the rich tones of vinyl sound with the reliable precision of digital delivery. We are confident that this beautiful piece of workmanship will be pride of many vinyl lovers in the coming years”

Since the fifties, this brand has always been among the best in its field.  Since Lenco passed into Dutch hands at the end of the nineties, more than 1,5 million record players have been sold worldwide.


Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Discontinued
Product Type Turntable
Style/Type Desktop
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