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NocturnaL Audio Asteria Trimetal (Celestial Series) 4-core Silver+Gold Plated Copper Custom Cable

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NocturnaL Audio Asteria Trimetal (Celestial Series) 4-core Silver+Gold Plated Copper Custom Cable

  • 7N UP-OCC cryo-treated Gold Plated Copper + Silver Hybrid wire (24AWG, 15 + 10 strands)

  • Extremely lively & fun sounding, excellent for improving dynamics

  • Great mix of musicality, balance & speed

  • Proprietary treatment with Oxide-Inhibitor Compound (OIC) to prevent oxidising

  • Ultra flexible for maximum comfort

  • High quality quadruple and dual double braiding

  • 4-conductor construction for lightweightness

  • Premium Slim Metal Y-Split design

  • Jacks available for smartphone case compatibility

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USEFUL INFORMATION for ordering custom cable
>> Which Pin Connectors should I select?
>> How do the Jack Connectors look?
>> What do your Y-splits and Chokers/Sliders look like?

- MMCX Connector has compatibility issues with Fostex TE-05, please read Fostex's official product description for more information.

- Due to the ever increasing number of orders, please kindly allow at least 4 weeks for our engineer to handcraft your cable

Named after the Titan goddess of nocturnal oracles & falling stars from Greek mythology, Asteria is built on top of the Altair's design by infusing pure silver strands along the gold plated copper strands. Asteria's sonic performance is simply spectacular, this unique combination of 3 metals allows the Asteria to reach new heights in performance & aural experience.

Wicked Sound
Each conductor is packed to the bream with 10 UP-OCC gold plated copper & 15 silver strands. If the Altair's warm & robust sound is not your cup of tea, Asteria's incredibly lively & musical sound might just be it. Asteria will bring you a feet-tapping listening experience with superb dynamics across the spectrum, there is simply never a dull moment. The Asteria immerses you in an incredibly accurate soundscape with vivid details and transparency, erasing any distractions from the simple joy of enjoying music at it's purest form.

Poisonous Design
Much like the popular Hydra V2, the hybrid design of 2 different conductors creates an incredibly striking cable. Asteria's contrasting gold & silver is certainly quite a sight to behold, exuding an aura of luxury & premium performance. The striking cable is also complemented with a compact metal Y-split by default instead of our traditional wooden design.

Final Judgement
The Asteria's incredible blend of precision and musicality allows it to take on any sort of genres with ease. With very few weakness in it's performance, you will arrive at the pinnacle of performance cable at a fraction of the price. It is easily our best creation in terms of sheer value-for-money performance, by a huge margin too.


Compare the Poison

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents

1 x NocturnaL Audio Asteria Trimetal 4-conductor Silver+Gold Plated Copper Custom Cable

Colour Customisable
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 50
Availability Available
Product Type Cable
Style/Type Upgrade Replacement Cable
Wire Material Copper + Silver + Gold [Hybrid]
Cable Length (cm) 120
Microphone In-Line Microphone with Remote/Controls
Additional Tech Specs
  • Material: 7N UP-OCC Gold Plated Copper + Silver (15 + 10 Strands)
  • Number of conductors: 4
  • Treatments: Cryo-treated, Oxide-Inhibitor Compound (OIC) treated
  • Build: 100% Handmade to ensure highest quality
  • Length: customisable
  • Insulator: Black/Clear
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