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NocturnaL Audio Calyx (Celestial Series) 8-conductor Copper Custom Cable

NocturnaL Audio Calyx (Celestial Series) 8-conductor Copper Custom Cable

  • 7N UP-OCC cryo-treated pure stranded copper wire (25AWG, 14 strands per wire)

  • Proprietary treatment with Oxide-Inhibitor Compound (OIC) to prevent oxidising

  • Excellent choice to increase bass presence & pairing with warm sound signatures

  • Ultra flexible for maximum comfort

  • High quality octuple and dual quadruple braiding

  • 8-conductor construction provides wider soundstage

  • Jacks available for smartphone case compatibility

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USEFUL INFORMATION for ordering custom cable
>> Which Pin Connectors should I select?
>> How do the Jack Connectors look?
>> What do your Y-splits and Chokers/Sliders look like?

- MMCX Connector has compatibility issues with Fostex TE-05, please read Fostex's official product description for more information.

- Due to the ever increasing number of orders, please kindly allow at least 4 weeks for our engineer to handcraft your cable

The NocturnaL Audio Calyx is one cable that will bring a new standard for cables in the audio industry. Carefully hand-built by our engineers with hardcore passion, leaving no room for any compromises.  Thus the result of all these hard work is a cable that is fatal to anyone who uses it. Combining its detailed aesthetics, unbeatable design and excellent sound and most of all at its poisonous price point, this cable truly offer consumers the best of the best in value.

Wicked Sound
Top-grade copper wires are used to craft the Calyx into its full, lethal form.  The result of it is a sound that is totally new in its price point, it will truly impress anyone who is willing to have a taste of its venom(sound). It is arguable that this cable can even match up or even surpass cables of a much higher price than itself, truly displaying its venomous capabilities(sound quality).

Poisonous Design
Sound is not everything, the visual and physical aesthetics of the cables also play a major role in poisoning anyone who come across it. Authentic wooden furniture, specifically and carefully crafted and used in the cable’s aesthetics, giving it an exotic feel and a sense of class and overall, just visually stunning. We are definitely not forgetting customers who use their mobile phones as a digital audio player so for this, we are offering a range of plugs that will definitely suit the needs of everyone.

Final Judgement
All in all, this cable will seek the attention of many people, poisoning anyone who is willing to have a go for its venom. This cable and along with the rest of the NocturnaL Audio line up is truly the road of no turning back, once you’ve been poisoned by it, there is essentially nothing worth were you came from.


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Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents

1 x NocturnaL Audio Calyx 8-core Copper Custom Cable

Colour Customisable
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 50
Availability Available
Product Type Cable
Style/Type Upgrade Replacement Cable
Wire Material Copper
Cable Length (cm) 120
Microphone In-Line Microphone with Remote/Controls
Additional Tech Specs
  • Material: 25 AWG 14 strand 7N UP-OCC copper
  • Number of conductors: 8
  • Treatments: Cryo-treated, Oxide-Inhibitor Compound (OIC) treated
  • Build: 100% Handmade to ensure highest quality
  • Length: customisable
  • Insulator: Black/Clear
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