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NocturnaL Audio Splendere (EVO Series) 4-core Litz Stranded Silver Custom Cable

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NocturnaL Audio Splendere (EVO Series) 4-core Litz Stranded Silver Custom Cable

  • 25 AWG Single-Crystal (OCC) Litz Silver

  • Improved Spaciousness, Brighter Signature with Rich Vocals

  • Multi-Stranded Twisted Design

  • Lightweight 4-conductor Construction

  • Available in 0.78mm 2-pin or MMCX Vampirik 2nd-Generation Pin Connectors (suitable for Westone, Shure, CIEMs, etc.)

  • Evo Series - Age-Defying Build, Quality Assured

  • PE Insulation with High Durability

  • Metallic Carbon-Fibre Y-split & Jack Connector for Sleek Stylish Appearance


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Evo Series was developed with durability in mind. Every model was carefully designed with every single part built to last, a really long time. A big step up from the Celestial Series through various feedback and extended research and testing, gave rise to the 'Evo-lution' of the Gravis, Leggera and Splendere. Every Evo cable is aimed at being ultra-portable and highly usable without being clunky or heavy, great for Audiophiles not wanting too much attention in the subway, yet able to enjoy great sound from cables that could possibly last a lifetime.

Every IEM owner should own an Evo Series cable. Defy age, durability assured. Handmade in Singapore.

Wicked Sound
Selecting from the finest choices of wires, the focus was on the ability to maximise audio transmission speeds for the Evo Series. It was crucial so as to bring out the finest details in every piece of music being played through the cables and into your monitors. The Evo Series proved to possess such finesse, and the result is exceedingly lethal. Not only are these worthy of comparison to cables that cost twice more, every Evo cable might even outperform with triumph.

Splendere sounds elegantly splendid in a very literal way. While the Splendere tend to focus on the crispness of the highs but never too harsh, it still allows the low-end textures to shine. If you're a starter, the Splendere adds to whole new taste for details with great air and sense of space. The treble richness may excite. If you're a music enthusiast, the Splendere possess incredible smoothness and neutrality. If you're a hardcore, you'd find the generous height and depth exhibited with the Splendere most welcoming.

Poisonous Design
Evo series cables are specially meant for in-ear monitors. Deliberately slightly stiff because of the high tensile strength it provides, conveniently tangle-free. Evo Series are venomously designed in every possible way, with four multi-stranded cores to stay discreet yet minimalistically sleek. You may not even realise you're wearing them over prolonged usage, excellent for stage or everyday use. Through its clear PE insulation construction, Evo Series displays the stunning purity of each wire strand, then hand-braided to perfection.

Made using high grade, single-crystal enamel-coated litz wires at its cores, be ready to experience high-resolution sound quality without a worry about quality degradation, interference noise or electrical anomalies over time. The high quality components used in this cable, with skilled workmanship in crafting every Evo Series cable warrants that they are built to stand the test of time with musical superiority and consistency. As with all NocturnaL Audio cables, they are priced to kill, without a trace.

Final Judgement
The award-winning Evo Series is the hallmark of what mid-range audiophile-grade IEM cables ought to be. The undeniable beauty in appearance and the reference-class sound quality is what the creators are set out to achieve right from the onset. Despite that, every cable was built with the intention to offer fellow Audiophiles the best value in its class. These cables and the rest of the NocturnaL Audio line up will revolutionize the audio industry and bring a new variety of cable upgrades. NocturnaL audio cables shall lead you down the road of no return. Once poisoned, the venom runs deep and there is essentially nothing worth wherever you came from.

As with all NocturnaL Audio cables, they are priced to kill, without a trace. Own the Splendere and be part of the dark force.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents

1 x NocturnaL Audio Splendere Cable, 1 x Cable Wrap

Colour Silver
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 23
Availability Available
Product Type Cable
Style/Type Upgrade Replacement Cable
Wire Material Silver
Cable Length (cm) 120cm
Microphone None
Additional Tech Specs
  • Material: 25 AWG High-Purity Single Crystal (OCC) Silver
  • Number of conductors: 4
  • Treatments: Litz treated
  • Build: 100% Handmade to ensure highest quality
  • Insulator: Clear PE
  • Pin Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin / MMCX
  • Jack Connector: 2.5mm balanced / 3.5mm single-ended / 4.4mm balanced
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