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Ruark Audio R7 Home Audio System

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Ruark Audio R7 Home Audio System

  • 2 × Ruark Audio 140mm dual concentric drive units

  • Integrated active subwoofer with 200mm long throw driver

  • Linear Class A-B Amplifier, 160 watts nominal output

  • Adjustable treble and bass settings

  • Enhanced 3D sound processing

  • Audio grade components throughout

  • Loudness function provides enhanced sound at low volume levels

  • Slot loading CD player plays CD-Audio, MP3, AAC and WMA music disks

  • Text support for CD and USB playback when available

  • Wireless audio streaming from networked storage devices and PCs

  • Multi Room Ready

  • DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS for local and national reception

  • Internet Receiver for world-wide radio reception

  • Built in aptX HD Bluetooth receiver provides 24-bit high resolution playback from compatible devices

  • Spotify Connect provides seamless integration with Spotify App and access to 20+ million tracks

  • High contrast OLED display with large format clock



Our audio heritage has enabled us to understand the synergy of cabinet, amplifier and drive unit design in creating beautiful sound. An example of this is R7‘s hand crafted enclosure which we have tuned to provide optimal conditions for the drive units and electronics. Furthermore we have designed bespoke stereo speaker units where the high and low frequency components are combined into a single point source driver. These provide an extended natural frequency response, with a lifelike soundstage to immerse you in stunning sound.

Our RotoDial controller sited on top of R7 provides a slick control system which is intuitive and easy to use. Also for R7 Mk3 we have designed a matching remote control which mirrors in form and function exactly the main controller. Sited on a table or sitting in your hand the R7 remote is an ergonomic delight and with superior radio communication it does not need to be aimed during operation as is usual with conventional infrared remote controls. We also have a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices called UNDOK. This allows full control of R7 and is ideal for managing multi-room set-up and control.

With the addition of our Audio Visual Mount, R7 is transformed from a music system into a striking audio/visual solution. Designed exclusively for R7, TVs and associated equipment can be integrated with R7 to make an awesome ‘all-in-one’ system that will be the centre piece for all your home entertainment needs, providing sound quality that will make television and films all the more captivating and enjoyable.

Alone R7 Mk3 is an outstanding music system, but with its ‘multi-room’ capabilities you can wirelessly link and sync it with our other internet enabled models such as MRx and R5 to provide synchronised sound wherever you want around your home. Linking and syncing with other units means that you can tailor the sound level around your home, just as you want, so whether you want to relax or party, with R7 you can do all this and more.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Brown
Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Available
Product Type Speaker - Home/Desktop (Wall-socket Powered)
Input Connectivity Bluetooth, RCA
Output Connectivity RCA / Phono
Microphone None
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