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Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 Desktop Headphone Amplifier

  • All Triode, OTL Tube design

  • Dual internal power transformers

  • Improved output power of 800mW at 300 ohm

  • High & Low gain settings

  • Pre-amp output capability

Note: Schiit Audio products are on backorder basis only, waiting time may vary.


Go ahead. Do things with Valhalla 2 that you’d never attempt with other OTL tube amps. Run low-impedance headphones. Use IEMs. Valhalla 2 is a complete re-imagining of Valhalla, with improved performance, higher output capability, lower distortion and output impedance.

Tubes Made Flexible
While most tube OTL amps are really only designed for 300 ohm Senns and 600 ohm Beyers, Valhalla 2 stretches to include headphones that you’d never expect to use with a tube amp. Go ahead. Use it with Grados. Run it with AKGs. Rely on it for many IEMs. You may even like it with high-efficiency planars like LCD-X, LCD-XC, Oppo PM-1 and HE-400.

A Complete Desktop Preamp
Valhalla 2 also adds two important features: preamp outs and a gain switch. Preamp outs let you connect your powered monitors directly to Valhalla 2, to give them some of what some people call “tube magic.” The gain switch gives you better control of both output level and impedance, for better matching to your headphones. It's easy to build a complete desktop system around the Valhalla.

Not Your Father’s Tube Amp
If you’re expecting syrupy, tubby, euphonically colored tube sound, you’re in for a shock. Valhalla 2 is exceptionally accurate, neutral, and resolving, without being strident or etched.

Made in USA
By “made in USA,” we mean made in USA. The vast majority of the total production cost of Asgard 2—chassis, boards, transformers, assembly, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the US. Our board house is 20 minutes away from our office in Newhall. Our chassis guys are just over the hill in the Valley.

5-Year Warranty
Asgard 2 is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for five years. That’s 5 years. Yes. FIVE. Which is up to 5X that of our competition, if you weren’t so hot at math. Note the marketing weasel-wording “up to.”

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Warranty 5 years (local)
Availability Preorder / Backorder (currently unavailable)
Product Type Amplifier (Headphone)
Style/Type Desktop
Microphone None
User Reviews

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Good quality amplifier
I use this connected to a TEAC UD-501. I was originally planning to use it with the Schiit Audio Bifrost-- but alas, it was out-of-stock when I tried ordering it. In retrospect, I think the TEAC UD-501 is a much better value since now I can also do DSD. it also has a built in headphone amp so I have two options of listening-- via the TEAC UD501 directly, or via the Schiit Audio Valhalla 2.

Comparing the two sources, I personally like the Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 better. I don't know what it is exactly. perhaps it's the tube sound people have been referring to. the sound is a bit more enjoyable? Or perhaps the sound is a bit smoother? Admittedly, it could very well just be myself rationalizing that it must be better considering that I spend more money to have an amp I don't really need with the TEAC UD501? hehehe...

For reference, I have been using the Beyerdyanmic T1.
Build Quality
Value For Money
Review by Jay / (Posted on 08/04/2015)