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Test Tracks

Good stereo creates an illusion. The better the stereo, the better the illusion, specifically a perception of harmonically rich, lifelike sounds occurring a real-life space. The guidelines and questions accompanying these tracks will help you appreciate the rewards superior sound delivers.

This guide sets out to demonstrate the difference superior sound can make. Purely in terms of quality, once you become aware of various sonic and spatial distinctions, be they ever so subtle, you will all the more relish the music you love. 

Why uncompressed you ask?
Uncompressed audio formats store the data that is captured during a sound recording in such a way that no degradation occurs after the final studio mastering of the material. That means the sound recordings we provide contain all the detail, all the expression and all the ambience that are ignored by lossy compressed formats such as MP3 and WMA. Listen and you\'ll see.

Here are some music tracks in uncompressed WAV format from an album that highlight clarity, dynamics, resolution, soundstage and timbre.