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At Comply™, our passion is for music and for people who immerse themselves in it. We are committed to providing you with foam tips, earbud enhancers and earphones that transform your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Comply™ products are perfect for anyone and any lifestyle, from audiophile to traveler to athlete to gamer to extreme-sport enthusiast.

Hearing Components, manufacturer of Comply™ products, was founded in 1990 and has been studying the ear for over 20 years. We have used this experience to identify unique, innovative foam solutions that enhance and protect hearing. In fact, the National Institutes of Health has awarded several grants to Hearing Components to study the ear and how we hear, with the intent to improve and protect hearing.

Comply™ technology is currently used in consumer electronic products; military, security, law enforcement and industrial communication devices; audiology devices; commercial aviation communication devices; and for critical communication and/or noise isolation in high-noise environments.