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Motorola has a long history of industry-defining innovations, such as the 1983 introduction of the world’s first portable cell phone, DynaTAC

Today, Motorola’s Mobile Devices portfolio includes a broad array of converged devices including smartphones based on the Android™ operating system, led by the highly successful DROID family of products, as well as tablets and Bluetooth® accessories. Our devices address the needs of consumers and businesses to deliver Internet services, email, social networking and entertainment in the palm of one’s hand.

Through our simplified platform approach, a focused mobile devices portfolio and comprehensive software capability, Motorola is well positioned to continue providing innovative and compelling offerings to the consumer. Our proprietary, cloud-based services platform, MOTOBLUR™, was the industry’s first solution to aggregate and sync contacts, posts, messages, photos and more – from sources such as Facebook®, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Gmail™, and work e-mail – with automatic, pushed updates delivered to widgets on your phone\'s home screen.

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