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Rock It Sounds

Rock It Sounds

Our Mission
To provide headphones that offers the clearest sounds possible to our customers at affordable prices and great service support.

How do we compare to other brands?
Our headphones comes with a character on its own. From the entry level R-10 to the top of the line R-50, these are nothing short of their German or Japanese branded competition but are designed to not only on audio quality but give a correct fit to fully bring out the audio quality, wearing comfort & still provide an individualistic appearance unlike any other.

We are Eco-Friendly
We believe in keeping the environment we live in safe. When you order from us please choose the “Eco-Friendly” package.

Are you purchasing the product for your personal use? If yes, then help us save the environment by reducing the waste of the packaging materials such as the display boxes or holder tray. This package used a sturdy box made from fully recycled materials & is also bio degradable. The cushioned bag provides the same level of protection to the product during shipping as the retail package would.

Join us in making this world a Greener place!

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