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Sonos Playbar Soundbar Speaker

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Sonos Playbar Soundbar Speaker

  • Two-in-one. Adds full-theatre sound for your TV. Streams music, too.

  • Simple two-cord setup. One for power. One for your TV.

  • Works with your existing TV remote.

  • Syncs wirelessly with SUB and two PLAY:1s for 5.1 surround sound.

  • Works lying flat or wall-mounted.

  • Streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call.



The soundbar for music lovers.
PLAYBAR delivers cinematic sound for all your movies, TV shows, sports, and games—and wirelessly streams your favourite music too.

Not just louder. Clearer.
Thin is great for TV screens, but not so great for sound. PLAYBAR to the rescue. With nine amplified speaker drivers—six mid-range and three tweeters—PLAYBAR replaces your TV's built-in speakers with deep, rumbling lows, crystal-clear dialog, and immersive waves of sound.

What you see is what you hear.
PLAYBAR features nine speakers designed in a phased speaker array to deliver “directionality”, creating a wider sound stage. That means if there’s a huge crash on the left side of the screen, you’ll hear it there because the speakers on the left are playing the sound and the speakers on the right are playing the inverse of that sound.

Dialog enhancement.
Having a hard time hearing what’s being said? PLAYBAR uses custom drivers to deliver crisp, clear dialogue to the centre channel where your ears can best discern it. Need even more clarity? Turn on Speech Enhancement to keep the dialogue at a consistent level and reduce the volume of any loud sound effects.

Night mode.
Watching late at night and don’t want to disturb the rest of the house? Turn on Night Sound. At lower volumes, quiet sounds are enhanced and the intensity of loud sounds is reduced.

Two cords. That’s it.
One power cord. And one optical cord that connects to your TV. You don’t even have to read a manual because the Sonos app guides you through every step of the setup process. Including connecting PLAYBAR to your WiFi so you can stream your favourite music.

Plays everything.
Cable boxes. Gaming consoles. Satellite boxes. Blu-ray players. If it’s connected to your TV, PLAYBAR will play it.

Play music from Spotify straight to Sonos.
Enjoy all the personalised Spotify playlists and other listening features you love and more, streaming in perfect sound on your Sonos speakers, without needing to open your Sonos app.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Available
Style/Type Desktop
Speaker Type Desktop Standalone (Active)
Features Internet Radio, Music Streamer, WiFi
Additional Tech Specs

Integrated Components: internet radio
System Components: 6 x Midrange
Amplification Type: active
Audio Amplifier: integrated
Connectivity Technology: Wired, Wireless
Recommended Placing: table-top, wall-mountable
Controls: mute, volume

Nominal Voltage: AC 120/230 V
Frequency Required: 50/60 Hz
Power Source: AC power adapter

Speaker Type: sound bar
Speaker Channel Type: center channel, stereo
Speaker Channel Qty: 2
Amplification Type: active
Crossover Channel Qty: 2-way

Type: LAN, SPDIF input
Qty: 2
Connector Type: RJ-45, TOSLINK

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