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Sony PCM-D100 Portable Digital Audio & Voice Recorder

Sony PCM-D100 Portable Digital Audio & Voice Recorder

  • High-resolution audio recording, playback in DSD® & linear PCM format

  • Newly-developed, wide diameter directional microphone

  • High-quality audio and less noise with superior circuit design

  • Minimised sound distortion and internal noise with S/N 100dB mode

  • 32GB large capacity internal memory and SD/MS card slot

  • Edit recorded audio immediately on device



The portable linear PCM-D100 recorder offers extremely high audio fidelity for high-resolution sound recording and playback. It reproduces various sound sources such as instrument performances and sounds of nature as close to the original source as possible.

The PCM-D100 is a high resolution recorder with two-position (X-Y or Wide) stereo microphones, 32 GB of internal flash memory and a SD-XC Card slot. Recording formats include linear PCM (at 192, 176.4, 96, 88.2, 48 and 44.1kHz); DSD (2.8224 MHz) and MP3 (320 and128 kbps). Additional playback support is provided for FLAC, WMA and AAC files. The D100 is constructed of lightweight metal (aluminum) and it's built rugged to withstand the demands of pro applications, plus it offers long battery life using conventional AA alkaline batteries. The recorder includes a USB high-speed port for simple uploading/downloading to/from Windows® PC or Macintosh® computers. Other PCM-D100 features include digital pitch control, dual path digital limiter, low-cut filter, Super Bit Mapping® and A-B repeat capability.

Records And Playback In Multiple Formats

With linear PCM technology, this device records sound with absolute accuracy and reproduces a natural and realistic sound. It is not only compatible with Direct Stream Digital (DSD® format, 2.8 MHz / 1-bit) but also 192 kHz / 24-bit, which exceeds the standard 96 kHz / 24-bit format used in recording studios.

Difference between PCM and DSD waveform representations


High Quality Audio With Less Noise

With a superior circuit design that incorporates enhanced capacitors to keep power supply variants to the minimum and stable, one can expect high quality audio without any interference.

High Quality Audio With Less Noise

Hear More With Better Recording

Simply select the 'X-Y stereo position' when recording in an enclosed area, or the 'wide stereo position' when in a larger space or outdoor and get the best out of every recording with the newly developed 15mm flexible wide diameter directional microphone unit. This built-in highly-sensitive directional stereo microphone enables the sound collection range to be adjusted in accordance with the sounds being recorded.

Microphone Directional Characteristics


Clean Sound With Minimal Distortion

Developed exclusively with S/N 100dB mode, this device reduces internal noise when converting from analogue to digital. Even if input exceeds its peak levels, it prevents sound distortion by automatically adjusting to the optimal level.

Regular recording vs Using S/N 100dB mode


Large Capacity Internal Memory and SD/MS Card Slot

With a capacity of 32GB, it also supports continuous recording for a long period of time: approximtely 6 hours 35 minutes for 192 kHz/24-bit, or around 10 hours 50 minutes when recording in 2.8 MHz/1-bit. What's more, you can expand your memory further by adding an external SD/MS to the device.


Edit Tracks Straight On Device

Basic editing features like combining files, cutting unnecessary parts of recording or adding effects such as 'fade in/ out', have been incorporated to allow instant editing on the device after any recordings. 'Trackmarks' can also be added as markers for files being recorded, played back or locations at which the file needs to be split.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Preorder / Backorder (currently unavailable)
Product Type Voice Recorder
Style/Type Portable
Features High-Res Audio Certified
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