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Sony SSE-BTR1 Smart B-Trainer Waterproof Walkman Neckband Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Earphones - White

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Sony SSE-BTR1 Smart B-Trainer Waterproof Walkman Neckband Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Earphones - White

  • A first in smart training – wearable music player and fitness tracker in one, for all your fitness needs

  • Real-time coaching tells you how you’re performing for an optimal workout

  • Automatic song selection motivates and keeps you in your optimum heart rate zone

  • Chart your improvement using the Smart-B Trainer App that logs every workout

  • Track your performance while running, even without your smartphone

  • Waterproof to withstand training in wet conditions



A First In Smart Training

Fire up your training with the Smart B-Trainer SSE-BTR1, a 16GB music player and fitness tracker in one with six different sensors that give you updates about your workout performance in real time. Combine the SSE-BTR1 with its personal training review app for a whole new way to train.

Train Smarter And Harder

Get more out of your workout with just one smart device. With a whopping 16GB memory that can store up to 3,900* songs, and built-in sensors that detect everything from heart rate and calorie burn, to distance covered and running speed, the SSE-BTR1 is everything you need for an intensive workout in a single compact, wearable device.

Your Personal Trainer

Stay motivated and focussed during your workout. The SSE-BTR1 talks you through your workout, telling you your speed, distance covered and whether you need to speed up or slow down as you train, so you know exactly how you are doing.

Train To The Perfect Playlist

Get better results, faster. Our 12 Tone Music Analysis technology detects your heart rate, and uses the data to select and play songs to guide your running pace, so you train efficiently in your optimum heart rate zone.

Track Your Workouts And Reach Your Fitness Goals

Download the "Smart B-Trainer for Running" app to pump up your training and get a more effective workout. Bust some calories while your SSE-BTR1 logs your workout, and when your sweat session is over, transfer the activity logs to the app to review your progress.

Your All-Weather Training Buddy

The SSE-BTR1 has a waterproof rating of IPX5/IPX8*. So it will keep going whatever the weather throws at you. You can even take the SSE-BTR1 for a quick swim or into the shower, making it easy to clean off the sweat from your hardest training session.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Package Contents
  • Smart B-Trainer
  • USB Cradle
  • Earbuds (LL, L, M, S / One pair per size)
  • Swimming Earbuds (LL, L, M, S / One pair per size)
  • Adjustment Covers for Heart rate Sensor (L, M, S / One pair per size)
  • Adjustment Band
  • Carrying Pouch
Colour White
Warranty 1 year (local)
Product Weight (g) 43
Availability Discontinued
Product Type Earphone
Style/Type Universal In-Ear
Features Bluetooth, Microphone, NFC
Driver Configuration 1-Driver (Dynamic)
Frequency Response (Hz) 20 to 20,000 Hz
Headphone Design Closed-Back
Cable Style Wireless
Input Connectivity Bluetooth
Additional Tech Specs
Waterproof specifications IPX5 / IPX8*1*2*3
Memory Storage 16GB*4
Microphone Internal microphone ●(Monaural)
Audio recording function Voice memo function Approx 10 to 120 seconds per recording
Sensor Internal sensor Heart rate*5, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, barometer
Data that can be measured Heart rate
Calories burned ●*6 (Calculated using the "METs" method)
Distance ●*6
Speed ●*6
Pace ●*6
Pitch ●*6
Steps ●*6
Stride ●*6
Running route ●*7
Elevation ● *8 (Calculated by measuring the change in atmospheric pressure)
Music playback Files that can be played MP3, WMA*9, ATRAC, Linear PCM*10, AAC*9
Playback mode During training: Playback synced with heart rate training / Shuffle playback
Audio playback only (not during training): Normal playback / Shuffle playback
Number of songs that can be stored by bit rate*11 MP3 MP3 128kbps/Approx. 3,900 songs
Linear PCM 1411 kbps/Approx. 360 songs
Headphones Headphone output Frequency properties: 20 to 20,000 Hz
High-quality sound technology 9mm EX headphones
Connection interface USB Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0 compliant)
Bluetooth® Communication method: Bluetooth® standard specification version 4.0
Output: Bluetooth® standard specification Power Class 2
Maximum communication distance: Approx. 10m*12 (line-of-sight distance)
Used frequency band: 2.4 GHz (2.4000 GHz to 2.4835 GHz)
Supported Bluetooth® profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP/HSP, SPP
Supported codecs: SBC, AAC
Power related Power Internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery*14
Charging time Approx. 1.5 hours*14
Battery life*15 While a training menu is in progress GPS enabled: Approx. 3 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 4.5 hours (Bluetooth® enabled)
GPS enabled (Stamina mode): Approx. 3.5 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 5.5 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
GPS disabled: Approx. 4 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 6 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
Audio playback only (No training in progress) GPS enabled: Approx. 3.5 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 5 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
GPS disabled: Approx. 6 hours*15 (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 13.5 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
Dimensions/Weight Dimensions -
Approx. weight 43g
Other Comes with: Device (1) / ear piece (2 sets for each size: S, M, L, LL) / Ear piece for underwater usage (2 sets for each size: S, M, L, LL)*2*3 / Heart rate sensor adjustment cover (2 sets for each size: S, M, L)*5 / Adjustment band (1) / USB cradle (1) / Carrying pouch (1) / Start guide (1) /Important notice (1) / Warranty (1)
Operating environment Operating temperature 5~35℃
Operating environment (App) Supported OS/devices Smartphone running Android 4.1 or later, or iPhone/iPod running iOS 7 or later

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