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Staff Picks

Check out our favourite audio products for audiophiles, fashion, travel, and more!

Top of the Line
The very best of what we have to offer, premium audio products with no compromise, built to the absolute highest standards to achieve outstanding sound quality.

Make a statement with one of our fashion headphone picks. Featuring bold designs and impressive hardware, these headphones aren\'t just eye-catching--they deliver serious sound.

Superior travel headphones combine absolute comfort, noise-reduction and, most importantly, great sound. Throw in extra features like Bluetooth, inline volume controls, and protective cases and you get our picks in travel headphones. Don't forget you need them light and compact!

Good music is great for working out, but sweat and moisture are the leading causes to damaged headphones & earphones. Take your workouts to the next level with our favorite moisture-resistant & rugged headphones that are engineered with the athlete in mind.

Designed for smaller, more sensitive ears, kids headphones offer features such as volume limits, reduced weight, and smaller ear cushions. Additionally, fun colors and themes make these headphones great picks for little ones.