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V-MOTA Large Headphone Carrying Case with Customisable Foam Insert

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V-MOTA Large Headphone Carrying Case with Customisable Foam Insert

  • High quality Polyester 600D outer shell, water & tear resistant

  • Customizable, high density EVA foam insert with cutouts to fit your headphones & accesories snuggly

  • Fits large headphones, such as Sennheiser HD800 & Audio Technica ATH-W5000.

  • Velcro storage compartments for storing small accessories



V-Mota's Large Carrying Case is suitable for a wide variety of headphones! This model features customizable foam inserts, allowing you to trim the foam inserts to give your headphones a perfect fit, transporting your headphones will be a breeze! There is also a slot in the foam insert for your accesories such as amplifiers, DAPs, DACs, as well as to fit your headphone cables and plug with ease.

Note: Maximum height when headphones lay flat must not be more than 95mm for best fit.

Fits a wide variety of headphones, some are stated below:

  • AKG: K121S, K135, K140, K141, K142HD, K601, K701, K702, K540, K550, K551, K812 Pro, Q701, Q702
  • Audeze: LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-X, LCD-XC
  • Audio-Technica: ATH-AD500X, ATH-700X, ATH-900X, ATH-AD1000X, ATH-W1000X, ATH-W3000ANV, ATH-W5000
  • Beats: Pro, Studio, Executive
  • Beyerdynamic: DT440, DT531, DT690, DT770, DT970, DT797, DT811, DT860, DT880, DT911, DT931, DT990, RSX700, T1, T5P, T70, T90
  • Denon: AH-D1100, AH-D2000, AH-D5000, AH-D7000, AH-D7100
  • Fostex: TH-600, TH-7B, TH-900
  • German Maestro: GMP160, GMP200, GMP240, GMP435, GMP8, QP400
  • HiFiMAN: HE-300, HE-400, HE-500, HE-5LE, HE-6
  • JVC: HA-DX2000, HA-M5X, HA-M55X
  • Monster: Diamond Tears, EA Sports, Octagon
  • Philips: Fidelio L1A
  • Razer: TH7B
  • Sennheiser: EH2270, HD200, HD380, HD465, HD485, HD500, HD515, HD518, HD555, HD558, HD570, HD595, HD598, HD600, HD650, HD700, HD800, etc.
  • Shure: SRH940, SRH1440, SRH1840
  • Sony: MDR-XB700
  • Ultrasone: Edition8, Edition10, etc
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Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Discontinued
Product Type Case
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