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Westone 4 True-Fit In-Ear Earphone

Westone 4 True-Fit In-Ear Earphone

Micro-Driver Balanced Armature Technology

- Ultra-accurate four-driver system for the most dynamic sound available in a universal fit earphone.

Westone EPIC Cable 
- Ultra supple braided design insures comfort and resists tangles 
- Robust bifurcation w/slide adjustment keeps cord in place during activity 
- Over-the-ear cable design offers superior in-ear comfort and isolation from mechanical cable noise

Westone True-Fit Technology 
- 50 years experience with in-ear applications has yield optimum ergonomics and fit 
- True -Fit sound port delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.



Westone Laboratories introduces the new Westone 4, the world's first four driver balanced armature universal fit earphone designed specifically for the serious audiophile and music enthusiast. Pushing the limits of both technology and ergonomics, the Westone 4 uses a four driver balanced armature design with 3-way crossover to achieve breathtaking clarity and realism and it will take your listening experience to an entirely different level.

Employing Westone's True-Fit technology with premium comfort eartips provides superior ergonomics and a comfortable fit that reduces unwanted ambient noise by as much as 25dB. The Westone 4 feature a braided cable for durability and to minimise the impact of friction noise. The EPIC Cable (Earphone Precision Interconnect Cable) is both durable and guards against microphonics. Westone's exclusive True-Fit technology, based on over 50 years of experience with in-ear applications, results in an earphone that is extremely comfortable, lightweight and compact. Equipped with a 3.5-mm stereo plug, the Westone 4 is compatible with virtually any personal listening device. A cleaning tool and crush-proof travel case are included.

Westone 4s are the first universal fit in-ear that accommodates four balanced armatures hooked up to a three way cross over. The visual design of the Westone 4s is apart from the logo exactly the same as that of the Westone 3s. Internally they are totally different beasts. The Westone 4s use a newly designed three way cross over, and the four drivers are configured the following way: dual low, single mid, single high.

The Westone 4 is for serious listening. If you are looking for an exercise companion, look elsewhere. These fit so well, are so isolating and involving that you could easily get lost in your music such that jogging on the street with them could be dangerous.

"A Westone customer expects a truly engaging music experience. Not only does the Westone 4 take the experience to the next level, but these earphones can lend themselves to so many applications due to their compact size and sound signature," describes David Slepak, Manager of Marketing. "For the audiophile it's pure heaven, gamers will feel like the action is surrounding them, we've even had exceptional feedback from the home and field recording community as an alternative to bulky over-the-ear headphones and difficult to use near field monitors." 

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Discontinued
Cable Style Wired (for 3.5mm devices)
Input Connectivity 3.5mm stereo
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