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Wharfedale Diamond 330 2.5-Way Passive Floorstanding Speakers - Black

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Wharfedale Diamond 330 2.5-Way Passive Floorstanding Speakers - Black

  • Gorgeous floorstanding speakers from Wharfedale, The D330 Floorstanding Speakers incorporate two 130mm Kevlar woven midrange/bass drivers and a 25mm textile tweeter

  • Midrange driver features oversized ceramic magnets and pole plate to minimise distortion whilst the Wide Frequency Response tweeter uses ceramic magnets to control flux

  • 28mm front baffles with profiling reduces edge diffraction and reflections, Pressure Equalisation bass reflex port features down-firing port for increased bass response

  • Max Power 120w RMS, Sensitivity 88dB/W/m, Frequency Response 40Hz to 20kHz

  • Dimensions (HxWxD) :- 940 x 200 x 210mm (37 x 8 x 8" approximately)



Trademarked Port System and Tweeter Combine with Two Five-Inch Kevlar Drivers in Wharfedale D330 Tower Loudspeaker: Changes Scope of What's Possible at Its Price Point

Elevate your home listening experiences and save coin for more records with the Wharfedale D330 tower loudspeakers. Created to deliver immersive, accurate, and transparent sound for a cost that defeats long-held stereotypes associated with price-to-performance ratios, D330 plays with wowing clarity, depth, airiness, punch, and control. Plus, it offers flexible placement options a majority of floorstanders could never dream about. Need to put it close to a wall? Go for it, and worry not about sacrificing any of its audio prowess. One of the secrets behind its versatility owes to the trademarked P-EQ (Pressure Equalization) port system, which eradicates the turbulence of traditional ported designs and removes limits on placement.

Fueled by drivers based off those employed in Wharfedale's more expensive Diamond 11 Series, D330 boasts a five-inch woven Kevlar cone bass/mid driver, five-inch Kevlar cone woofer, a super-long-throw voice-coil motor system complete with a custom-shaped one-piece pole plate fitted with a copper cap, and oversized ceramic magnets. Wharfedale's trademarked WFR (Wide Frequency Response) one-inch tweeter that incorporates its own cabinet – also stemming from developments in Diamond 11 Series – further ups the ante in fidelity. We're talking notes that properly decay, bass lines that remain taut and assertive, soundstages that extend far beyond the speaker boundaries, and images that pop. Indeed, prized audiophile traits – high-frequency responsiveness, emotional expressiveness, midrange definition, and instrumental separation – are no longer the exclusive parlance of four- and five-figure speakers.

No matter the type of music you throw at D330, it promises to captivate – and look good while doing so. Displaying soft, refined, contemporary aesthetics distinguished by radiused corners and a curved front baffle, D330 also has profiled 1.1-inch-thick front baffles that reduce diffraction reflections. Critically braced panels, fiber-lined walls, and a software-developed crossover with low-loss polypropylene capacitors and laminated core inductors further D330's smooth, seamless, and resonance-defeating coherency. Your risk-free, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, in-home audition awaits.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Colour Black
Warranty 1 year (local)
Availability Available
Frequency Response (Hz) 40Hz ~ 20kHz
Impedance (Ω) 8Ω compatible
Sensitivity 88dB
Microphone None
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